Nadal travels to London to play Wimbledon

Rafael Nadal will travel to London next Monday to face the final stretch prior to the tournament and play Wimbledon where he aspires to try to win his third Grand Slam of the season, despite the problems he has had with his foot and that forced him to play infiltrated all the games he played in Paris to win Roland Garros.

“I have managed to reduce the pain in my foot and it seems that the nerve is relaxing. I have not been lame for a week and the pain is already somewhat different. We have to wait how it evolves in the coming weeks. My intention is to play Wimbledon. I will travel to London on Monday and if I do it is because I want to try to play. I’ll do an exhibition match beforehand”, declared the player this Friday at a press conference held in Mallorca.

The tennis player added that “I have done two radiofrequency sessions and the evolution has been satisfactory. I don’t know what can happen in five days but I was able to train and that’s why I made the decision to fly to London.” Nadal He has indicated that he has not played in London for three years, hence his optimism to face the tournament that he has won twice.

The paternity

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He added that apart from his chronic injury, it must be taken into account that the surface of the grass is very complicated, so adaptation to it is more difficult. ” Grass is a very difficult surface. When you carry so many years without playing on grass and above without playing previous tournaments, any round is complicated. The beginning for me is going to be vital. I have to survive as it is”, explained the Balearic.

“I am going to be a father. We want to live in a calm way. I don’t know how my life is going to change. I don’t think it will mean a change in my professional life,” Nadal added to confirm the birth of his first child. Such is the optimism of the Mallorcan player that this Friday he has even dared to talk about the US Open. “After Wimbledon there is another Grand Slam, the US Open, and I hope to get there well. My intention would be to play in Canada after Wimbledon to prepare for the US Open.”

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