MyStore, Deborah Dana’s new SaaS for Mexican SMEs

After having gone through most of the segments of the entrepreneurship ecosystem in Mexico, from the marketing digital until the Venture Capital, Deborah Dana launched her latest creation: MyStore, a Software as a Service (SaaS) that allows a person to set up their own online store in a few minutes.

MyStore is the technological development product of a Dana venture: Pink Basket, a marketplace (electronic market) mainly oriented to entrepreneurs with micro and small businesses. After its launch in 2017, Canasta Rosa accommodates the products of 22,000 startups in Mexico and has an adoption rate of between 150 and 300 SMEs monthly.

Together with Lorenza Ávila, Deborah Dana founded in 2009 the popular cooking recipe site Kiwilimón, which is a constant in the top 10 places in the world. Digital Native Media Ranking from The Economist. Some time later he decided to enter the world of Venture Capital with the Soldiers Field Angels fund, whose most successful exit has been the sale of the parody newspaper The Deform to Televisa.

Later, Canasta Rosa arrived, a marketplace that has become the choice of thousands of people who converted the e-commerce in an alternative to the loss of their job from the pandemic or that they saw in online stores a lifeline so that their businesses would not disappear.

“The pandemic made it explode. The growth in both the number of vendors and the sales they made was four times and at the same time it was a very challenging stage, because we had to grow our operation four times as well and that is not something that easy, ”he said.

It was from this experience that MyStore was born, which made, according to Dana herself, this 2021 feel as if five years had passed. MyStore is software as a service (SaaS) which is basically the same technology that the Canasta Rosa marketplace uses, aimed at each entrepreneur having their own online store.

Through MyStore, digital merchants can manage and customize their entire online store, from their sales channels, which include social networks and instant messaging applications, such as WhatsApp, to customer service and payment methods, from a single app.

MyStore has three subscription levels: MyStore Basic, which allows you to manage the products for the Canasta Rosa marketplace; MyStore Plus, which allows you to customize all aspects of an online store, and soon, MyStore Growth will be launched on the market, which will allow managing the display and sale of products in other applications from a single application. marketplaces, starting with Amazon.

“Five years of growth are coming and Mexican companies have to bet to continue growing because a lot of competition is going to enter,” said Dana.

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