My questions to the chefs

I listened to the debates. Watched the press briefings. Read the programs. Yet, yet, I still have questions. If you come across a chef, please ask them.

Justin trudeau

Sexual misconduct. When you took power in 2015, you made the decision not to implement the recommendation of ex-judge Marie Deschamps refer charges of misconduct to a civil court. You didn’t do it either in 2016, in 2017, in 2018, in 2019, in 2020. Why?

Skills. You say that it is legitimate for Ottawa to impose health standards on Quebec and the provinces, even if these are their areas of jurisdiction. So why do you not consider it legitimate for Quebec to impose the language rules of Bill 101 on federally chartered companies, which fall under your jurisdiction?

Minimum tax. Earlier this year, President Biden proposed that all countries impose a minimum income tax of 21% on multinationals. Why were you among those who prevented it and forced it to settle for a minimum tax of 15%?

Erin O’Toole

Full oil. The International Energy Agency believes that if we want to avoid climatic disasters, any increase in oil and gas production must be ruled out. Your fiscal framework says, “The Conservatives believe that restoring growth in the energy sector could significantly boost investment and jobs. Since Justin Trudeau came to power, more than $ 100 billion in investments have been canceled. The Conservatives want to restore growth in the sector. Why are you proposing the opposite of what the rest of the planet considers essential?

Six billion. You say you respect Quebec and its choices, but the National Assembly is now (and finally) unanimous in its desire to promote the childcare center system for day care centers. Your tax credit proposal goes against this logic and risks losing a lot of votes. Why not simply declare that Quebec is distinct in this matter, that you will send it the $ 6 billion, and that you will apply your tax credits elsewhere in the country?

Yves-Francois Blanchet

We are looking for the link. Traditionally, the Bloc defends in Ottawa the demands that achieve consensus in the National Assembly. However, the third link is only defended by one party and denounced by the other three. Since there is no consensus, why not just stay neutral?

What if the BAPE?You say that it is up to Quebec to do the environmental assessments on the third link. But if, as is more than likely, the BAPE says the project is environmentally harmful, but the CAQ government ignores it, will you still insist that Ottawa fund an environmentally harmful project?

Jagmeet Singh

Leadership. You believe that wanting to interfere in the management of CHSLDs is proof of leadership, because you cannot remain inactive in the face of the mess. Do you also believe that the Premier of Quebec should show leadership and intervene in the mess of the lack of drinking water on reserves, or in the mess ofimmigration border irregularities, or even to help federal officials who are victims of the Phoenix pay system? Even if these questions are the responsibility of the federal government? In other words, are you an anti-federalist?

Empathy. One of your great qualities is empathy. Yet after having unfairly accused a Bloc member of being racist, you refuse to apologize. However, after one of your deputies applauded that we accuse Francois Legault to be a white supremacist, you didn’t demand that he apologize. Why is it impossible for you to use the word “excuse” when it comes to insults against Quebec nationalists?

Annamie Paul

October. Your three deputies voted for a motion wanting to apologize to the 500 Quebecers unjustly imprisoned in October 1970. You declared that, for your part, you were opposed to these apologies. Why ?

Education. On the previous point, as on others concerning Quebec, would you accept that we offer you to “educate” yourself? Would you find this offer condescending and contemptuous?

Maxime Bernier

Push-to-crime. In your tweets, you claim that the Prime Minister is a “fascist” and a “psychopath”. In your ads, you denounce “tyranny” and call for “revolution”. Are you like me surprised that your most enthusiastic supporters have so far limited themselves to sending gravel to the man you are demonizing in this way?


Illegal weapons. Since the police keep telling you that a considerable proportion of illegal weapons enter through the lawless zone that is the Akwesasne reserve – and this, against the wishes of the vast majority of its inhabitants – why none of you have the courage to address the issue?

Please send your responses to [email protected] or deliver them at the first microphone.

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