Murder of Mehdi Douraid: Total misunderstanding among his relatives

While SPVM investigators are trying to determine why Mehdi Douraid was coldly shot in the middle of the street on Thursday night, in the east of the metropolis, his relatives still do not understand what could have led to the murder.

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“He’s a very calm, hassle-free person, who is very hardworking, who will always keep his life choices simple, who will just go to work and then come back, take small hikes, do a little bit of sport […] nothing else to say, he is a magnificent person in whom I cannot even find a fault”, declared Youness Darifi, about his friend who was fatally wounded by a bullet near the Place Versailles.

According to Mr. Darifi, nothing could have led to believe that someone wanted to harm his friend Mehdi. This is why he hypothesizes that the latter simply ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“There is no frank explanation to give […] which I find hard to swallow […] maybe it could have just been an assault gone wrong and then that’s how it happened […] it’s the only thing I see,” he said.

Youness Darifi therefore hopes that the ongoing police investigation will be able to provide answers to what happened on the evening of the murder.

“As you know, it’s not going to bring him back […] we would just like to know: why him?”, he launched.

A devastated family

Mehdi Douraid’s family is obviously in shock.

Presumably ready to help the victim’s entourage recover from this tragedy, Mr. Darifi said: “It’s very difficult for everyone to swallow, the important thing is more to be there and to provide moral support, and with the GoFundMe that we have already established, we try to raise funds to help the family a little financially”.

“And then the important thing too is more to be there mentally to help them, and not just for today or for the next week or for the next few months, it’s more a question of longevity [parce] that we tend to forget, after a death, the family”, he added.


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