Municipality of Solidaridad confirms clearing of jungle for Mayan Train

Cancun, QR. The Secretary for Territorial Planning of the Municipality of Solidaridad, Teresita del Niño Jesús Flota Alcocer, confirmed that the forest clearing documented by environmental associations corresponds to the new outline of the mayan train.

The official assured that these works have the consent at the municipal level, approved in the Solidarity council, in addition to the fact that at the federal level “they are pre-authorized and even exempt from presenting the corresponding Environment impact manifestation”.

The environmental organization Moce Yax Cuxtal documented through video and photographs the devastation of the jungle that takes place to the west of Carmen beach for the new line of the Mayan Train in Section 5.

The activist, Laura Patiño, confirmed that there is no type of transplant or rescue of endangered species, but the massive felling of forest to open a gap that will reach 92 meters wide through virgin forest.

In addition, it ensures that if this massive clearing of the forest continues, at least 8.7 million trees will be felled, some of them endangered species, not counting the effects on water catchment areas, the loss of habitat for hundreds of animal species, as well as the flagrant violation of the environmental regulation laws in force in our country.

He recalled that in addition Section 5 of the mayan train It lacks both an executive project and an Environmental Impact Statement, in addition to the fact that a public utility decree was published just two weeks ago for the government to acquire, under threat of expropriation from the owners, a total of 530 hectares of land, on which that the corresponding technical studies are still needed to determine if they are viable to support a double-track freight train.

The activist announced that they will maintain the complaints through social networks, analyzing the possible legal resources that could be filed, because although there is a decree that makes these infrastructure works of the federal government a public interest, this does not exempt them. of having had to process the environmental impact and land use change authorizations, in addition to having the obligation to present environmental mitigation strategies for a work of this magnitude.


Prior to clearing the jungle, Roberto Rojo, a member of the Mayab Speleological Circle, commented in an interview with El Economista that the area where the acquisition of land by the federal government for the new Mayan Train route was announced, in addition to being in its mostly a jungle area, it is also located on one of the largest flooded caves in the world called Dos Ojos or Sac Actun.

“It is a jewel that at some point we hope will be protected by UNESCO, but there are many more because right in that area, west of Carmen beachthere is a geological fracture called the Holbox Fault”, he said.

This fracture is a natural collector of rainwater that not only feeds, but also allowed the creation of this immense network of underground rivers that drain their waters into the Caribbean Sea.

The expert assured that the piloting of the Mayan Train, which will run from North to South, over this network of rivers and cenotes, whose waters flow from West to East, will inevitably affect or even collapse the water collection system of this zone.

“It is going to thunder, I tell you literally, because yes or yes they are going to have to drive the train every 10 or 20 meters,” he assured.

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