Multimedia squeezes its spectrum signal to gain more audience than Imagen TV and twelve other channels

46 months after launching its first test signal over Mexico City, Channel 6 of the Multimedia Group today is positioned as one of the frequencies with the greatest use of its spectrum concession in the capital, bordering on the quota of 1 million monthly viewers through four sub-channels, between its own and rented to third parties, and when also It is about to complete four years of formal operation, on August 14.

The canal concession was handed over to a Multimedia Group in August 2017, to digital television SA de CV after offering that company a sum of 425.92 million pesos for the frequency to the Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) and to concentrate later another year on the construction of its transmission infrastructure.

Since then, Multimedios divided the signal of its channel into four different digital channels: 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and 6.4. Multimedios Televisión placed its main signal in the first; the next he carried the broadcasts of Millennium TV; in the third he first played regional music and then filled it with infomercials from various advertisers. And he rented the fourth to MVS Communications so that this company would have, for the first time in its history, access to open television in the capital with the brand MVS-TV.

XHTDMX-TDT has transmission power to cover 24.61 million people between the states of Mexico, Hidalgo, the regions of Puebla and Morelos, and the entire capital, where its main antenna is mounted.

The decision of Televisión Digital SA de CV to divide its main channel into several channels would be due to a strategy of wanting to raise resources by all possible means that allow it to more quickly recover the money invested in the consideration paid in 2017 to the IFT and with it get closer to financial profitability for this particular business.

Together, these four sub-channels accumulate a reach of 960,000 viewers per month, at least that was the case last April and according to data made available up to that date by the INRA measurement house.

The data is relevant, since channel 3.1 —considered the pilot signal of the third national television network in Mexico and two years older than channel 6.1—, reached 850,000 people reached in the same month and already added here the scope also of its other multiplexed signal that occupies the 3.4 digital.

That is, the six Megahertz of spectrum that make up the channel 6 signal achieve 11.46% more audience than channel 3.

Throughout 2021, Imagen channel 3.1 reached 10.08 million viewers. The four channels that use the 6 de Multimedios signal together accumulated 10.77 million viewers throughout the year.

It could be considered in this way that channel 6 is achieving a very efficient use of its radio spectrum frequency and approaching, and even surpassing, in audience shares other channels, some with a history since television itself began to be watched on the capital.

“Channel 6 is already, on average, among the channels that exceed half a million viewers and with a growth trend, particularly this year, to even reach more than 700,000 viewers and increasingly closer to Imagen TV,” said Gabriel Sosa Plata, broadcast analyst and academic at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana.

“The figure of 6 increases, if we consider that another of its channels, Milenio, contributes another 150,000 viewers, so the influence of this media group that is based in Monterrey has increased significantly in the country’s capital. If trends continue, Multimedia could reach TV Forum. For now, if we add the audiences of channel 6 Y Millennium TVis already at an average audience level for Imagen and by itself Canal 6 already surpasses other relevant projects such as DNA 40with almost 400,000 viewers, and with much to the eighthwhich at its best moment exceeded 100,000 viewers in the analyzed period”, said Sosa Plata.

The channel Multimedios 6.1 alone attracted 741,898 viewers during April, a share that exceeded what the channel achieved through its own efforts nu9ve from Televisa; DNA and A+ from Televisión Azteca, Channel eleven; to Channel 14, The Herald Y the eighth. The closest of them all, ADN, is surpassed by Multimedios 6.1 in 303,000 viewers, although their market niches are different from each other.

Alone, Canal 6.1 surpasses seven well-known television brands and has survived its transmissions without any interruption, while channels of recent appearance such as El Herald Y the eighth they either went out and went back on the air or ceased to exist, or don’t end up taking off, like MVSTV. Together with the other sub-channels, the surpassed are twelve channels, between commercials and public television.

Canal 6.1, alone, had in April 2022, the latest data available today, a 4.02% share of television in the capital. The referent in the criterion is the channel The stars and its 19.25% share in the same time.

This is an enviable share quota for any new television channel, but for Gabriel Sosa Plata, the Multimedia channel must still offer innovation:

“Its acceptance is due to its newscasts based on a significant dose of local events, remote controls, life stories or citizenship experiences; a touch of amenity and closeness of its drivers with the audience, with an important seasoning of sensationalism and game of emotions. Its formula is the one that has been exploited for many years in Monterrey and northern cities. Although the offer of Channel 6 and Milenio has grown, it does not mean that it is a television of high quality standards”, said Gabriel Sosa Plata.

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