Mr. Legault, what are you afraid of?

Prime Minister, I don’t like to speak directly to people in my columns.

“Letter to the Mayor”, “Letter to the Prime Minister”, “Letter to the person in charge of road repairs – potholes section”, that’s not really my style.

I find that to be cavalier.

As if I passed you in the street and shouted at you.


But I haven’t found another way to approach the subject I want to discuss today.

The question has been bothering me for too long, I must ask you directly, at the risk of sounding cheeky.

Why do you refuse to extend Bill 101 to CEGEPs?

What are you afraid of ?

That English-speaking voters are deserting the Coalition Avenir Québec? But they are not there!

To be taken to task by the inhabitants of the rest of Canada? Wow, they’re already calling you names because of Bill 21!

And then, on the issue of the treatment of linguistic minorities, these people have nothing to teach us.

So what’s the problem? What’s blocking you?


As my colleague Philippe Léger wrote: “Across Quebec, teachers are rising up and demanding the extension of Bill 101 to CEGEPs.

“A June 2021 poll revealed that 58% of Quebecers were in favor of it.

Quebecers demand it, researchers justify it, and now teachers claim it. But the CAQ remains frozen. »

Why ?

Mr. Prime Minister, you who love polls, you have a six-lane highway in front of you!

The road is free, all the lights are green, and there are no traffic jams blocking your way.

What’s stopping you from pressing the mushroom?

You keep saying you’re a nationalist.

Well, prove it! Hit the ball and send it over the fence!

Being nationalist is not just telling people to put strawberries from here in their “blue basket” or opening a “blue space” of 50 square meters in Saint-Agapit!


Now is the time to take the bull by the horns.

Not in 10 years.

According to the polls, everything indicates that your government will win a second mandate in seven months.

And – that wouldn’t be surprising, given the slump in which the Liberal Party of Quebec is floundering, which is failing to attract Francophones and retain Anglophones – a third in four years.

Go for it ! Take advantage of the trust Quebecers place in you to take meaningful action!

When is the next time that a government will benefit from such leeway?

The window is open, take advantage of it before it closes!

You have shown, with Law 21 and your refusal to fall into the trap of “systemic racism” set for you by your opponents (and even your candidate in Marie-Victorin!), that you have courage.

Well, carry on!

Prove those who say you’re just a Robert Bourassa clone!

And the CAQ, a red party wearing a blue dress!

Show us that your nationalism isn’t a tattoo that washes away!

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