MPP Randy Hillier apologizes for unfoundedly linking deaths to COVID-19 vaccines

Independent MPP Randy Hillier has apologized for a controversial social media post in which he used the names and photos of 11 Ontario residents to mistakenly suggest that their deaths or life-altering injuries were the result of COVID-19 vaccines.

Hillier, who was expelled from the Ontario Progressive Conservative caucus in 2019, was recently unanimously censured by MPPs of all parties for “a series of disgraceful conduct.”

The motion asked MPP that Lanark-Frontenac-Kingston publicly apologize for its behavior and “desist from any conduct that is inappropriate and inappropriate for a member of the Ontario Legislative Assembly.”

On Friday, Hillier released an apology, saying his office had been “overwhelmed” with calls from people who believe the COVID-19 vaccine harmed them.

“In my effort to bring these concerns to the public forum, I generated a post that questioned what appeared to be a sudden and inexplicable death in several young people,” Hillier wrote.

“I was later informed that my post was causing distress. I edited the post, removed some people’s names and images, and clarified the language of the post for clarity. I subsequently deleted the post entirely. I understand that my publication caused greater anguish to families who were already hurt by the loss of a loved one ”.

Hillier said he “acted badly by not first contacting these families for permission” to report the information he claimed to have found on his family members.

Upset friends and family Some of the profilers had publicly rebuked Hillier, saying he was wrong about the causes of their deaths, and asked him to remove the posts.

Prime Minister Doug Ford also weighed in on the controversy, calling Hillier’s behavior “appalling” and “disgusting.”

New Democratic Rep. Peggy Sattler, the leader of her party’s chamber, called for an investigation into Hillier’s “abhorrent behavior” by a standing committee of the legislature, which could result in the imposition of sanctions.

Hillier has attended protests against the lockdown and has written on Twitter that “the non-empty are being excluded and segregated from society … it is time that we leave this sick and sick society and create a new one based on freedom.”

As Ford has noted, Hiller’s driving in Leeds Grenville and Lanark continues to report the highest COVID-19 vaccination rate in the province.

Hillier was expelled from the PC caucus more than two years ago after complaints about his behavior, including allegations that he mocked the parents of autistic children in Queen’s Park.

He has maintained that Ford kicked him out of the party because he disagreed with the prime minister’s closest advisers.


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