I have the right to ask that they allow me to survive, the Sírex sang in ‘Damn my destiny’. It may seem naive, but in times of precariousness the simple assertion of rights becomes subversive. Everything freelance journalist He tells a horror story with the media, although always in a ‘petit committee’, because of what may happen. And the same is experienced in many other sectors where scattering and platforming they are, increasingly, the norm. Psychologists online portals who charge by the minute and lose their own mental health while saving someone else’s, lawyers who defend rights in law firms that are nothing more than ‘call centers’, employees of fast supermarkets who live in a continuous race against the clock so that someone does not ‘suffer’ by waiting more than ten minutes for a tub of ice cream Job insecurity, according to a report by the Institute of International Economics of the University of Alicante and CCOO, affects half of the country’s workers, in line with what another study by the La Fundació la Caixa Social Observatory affirmed, which indicated that Spain is above the European average in terms of involuntary self-employment, or, in other words, self-employed workers who are such because they have no other option. All this it is not an economic accident, nor the explosion of a volcano, nor the accidental mutation of a virus in a bat or a pangolin: it is a structural characteristic of an unequal labor market, and that, by the way, does not improve even when the economy picks up. The system at the time opted for wild outsourcing and for the service sector, where workers are much more atomized and disorganized than in industry, in a ‘divide and conquer’ that has fueled fear and resignation, but that no longer works economically more than for speculators, and even less with rampant inflation. It was believed that a very tall building could be built by forcing the foundations to be weak. Let’s not put our hands in our heads now if everything falters.

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