Movement for access to daycare places | A force that transcends us

To you who became a mother in the last days or months, I want to tell you a story. It’s mine, but maybe it will resonate with you.

This story is that of a woman who became a mother, without knowing what this would mean for her right to independence and freedom. This is the story of a mother who, just a few months after giving birth, began to worry about not finding a place in daycare for her child. And therefore not finding his place at work.

You may have heard this story over and over for three years already: on the news, from your friends, on social networks… It’s the story that I’ve been repeating everywhere for three years and which echoes those of the thousands of other women who, like me, have decided to speak out in public spaces.

We repeat this story of a woman who loses her place tirelessly. With our babies in our arms, we denounce what makes no sense: our obligation to stay at home.

Almost exactly three years ago, there was the media launch of a national feminist movement that united a generation of Quebec mothers. The generation you are now part of. Three years of struggle must seem long and exhausting to you. I confirm to you that it is.

Faced with the CAQ government’s refusal to complete the daycare network, I understand your discouragement. Faced with the icy immobility of the political world in the face of the decline in women’s rights, I understand you are terrified. I was also at the time when I launched the #maplaceautravail movement.

After the tabling of the last provincial budget, I am just as worried and angry to see that our actions find so little response.

However, it is still a message of hope, love and courage that I want to convey to you today with this story which is, above all, a story of solidarity between mothers. Mothers who have become sisters in struggle.

An unsuspected strength

Three years ago, you know, I was far from realizing the extent of my strength and my resilience.

I couldn’t imagine that I had the courage in me to campaign and rock in the same gesture. I could even less imagine that I would campaign so long and so hard, with my baby Jules in my arms. I have since learned that we should never underestimate the love of a mother and the anger of a woman who has her basic rights taken away.

If you are reading this text with your little one in your arms, in loose pants and bushy hair, you may be telling yourself that you don’t have the makings of a warrior or that people wouldn’t take you seriously. . Now, you have nothing to envy of the ministers of this world.

They made the mistake of underestimating us. They underestimated the power of the bonds that unite us. Together we are everywhere.

Although often invisible and almost always tired, we are carried by a force that transcends us. A force that has neither limits nor borders: that of love.

Today, I simply wanted to speak to you, the mother who is above all a woman. I want to tell you that the place is yours, even if it was taken away from you.

You have your place and you will take it back because that is what is right.

If the fight exhausts you, allow yourself to kneel on the ground while you regain your strength. We will be there to help you get back on your feet, as long as it takes.

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