Mourinho suffers the biggest win of his career (6-1)

  • The Norwegian Bodo / Glint humiliates Roma in the worst hit of the Portuguese coach, beating Barça-Madrid 5-0 in 2010

Stiff stayed Jose Mourinho. Stiff from cold and stiff from shocked by the six goals that Bodo / Glint endorsed against Roma, his team (6-1), in the match of the Conference League, the new UEFA competition, the third in the hierarchy. The visit to the icy Norway It led to an unforgettable memory for the Portuguese coach, who scored the heaviest loss of his career.

Until now, the worst catastrophes suffered by Mourinho, a coach whose strength stands out for his teams, had not exceeded five goals. The first was the remembered 5-0 of the Barça-Madrid Classic (November 29, 2010); the second was on January 1, 2015, when, managing Chelsea, he conceded a 5-3 on the visit to Tottenham Hotspur, another London classic.

The Norwegian storm was much more humiliating because of the theoretical difference from its rival. The Roma disaster was consummated in the second half, after reaching the break with a minimum 2-1 adverse. Carles perez he had cut the first two Scandinavian goals for the Italian ranks. The young striker shone in the Bodo / Glint Erik Botheim (21 years old), generation partner of Erling Haaland, team mate in the lower categories of Norway.

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Botheim scored two goals (the first opened the scoring at 8 minutes) and gave two assists. Two more goals corresponded to Ola Sobakken. Roma melted by conceding three goals in ten minutes (from 71 to 80).

The Norwegian team, thanks to the victory, climbed to first place in group C, at the expense of the Italian team. On November 4, the match will be repeated at the Olympic in Rome.

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