Dozens of women looking for their children disappeared They demonstrated this Tuesday in Mexico Cityon the occasion of Mother’s dayto report their cases and demand speed in the search.

“Instead of celebrating with the family, we have to come to a march to be able to shout for our children to be returned to us,” he told AFP. Adriana Martinez48 years old, who is looking for Marwan Andrademissing for a year and three months.

Accompanied by activists, the demonstration started from the Monument to the Mother, in the center of the capital, where images of the disappeared and signs with the legends such as “Who will look for you when I am gone?” and “Until we find them”.

In Mexico, almost 100,000 disappeared, a situation that the UN Committee on Enforced Disappearances recently described as a “human tragedy” fueled by “absolute impunity”.

The demonstrators, coming from various states of the country, some of them severely affected by the violence of organized crime such as chihuahuaalso walked along the central avenue Paseo de la Reforma demanding justice.

“Where are they? Where are they? Our children, where are they?” they shouted, while uploading photos of the disappeared with the date they were last seen.

In the La Palma Roundabouta plaza on Paseo de la Reforma where the city government recently removed a dry palm tree, the protesters placed images of their relatives, after denouncing that the authorities removed similar signs that they had previously pasted from the place.

“Son, listen, your mother is in the fight!” other women chanted next to a banner that read “May 10. Nothing to celebrate!”.

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During the march, some mothers recounted the difficulties they face in searching for their children, since they even have to take picks and shovels to dig in common pits before the inertia of the authorities.

“We have a very difficult walk, the authorities are not interested because it is not their relative, they are not in our shoes,” he said. Magdalena Hernandez50 years old, who is looking for Daniel Sorianomissing since 2017.

“I do not understand why these people are so bad. If they are no longer alive, tell us where they left them,” he declared. Bertha Garcia52 years old, separated from her son Manuel Portillo for six years.

Mother’s Day is a deeply rooted holiday in Mexico. However, with the upsurge in violence, the search groups have turned it into a day to demand justice for their relatives.

The problem of disappearances has worsened since 2006, when the government launched a controversial anti-drug military operation that left some 340,000 dead.

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