Most sex toys are made by men for women!

If you look at most sex toy companies in the market, you’ll find that many of the sex toy companies established in the market are run by men. This means that the sex toys being designed and made are made by a male mind, but are supposed to provide pleasure for a woman. Now, how can a man effectively design a pleasure product aimed towards a completely different kind of body? A cisgender man does not have a vulva, which means that he does not fully understand what a person who has a vulva would actually want to enjoy and may find pleasurable. This also means that the design itself is based solely on what these men think brings a woman pleasure, instead of being based on knowledge and experience. In the past, we were stuck purchasing from these companies due to a lack of diversity in the market. However, there has been a jump recently in women owned and designed sex toys. These women owned companies are opening the doors to newfound pleasure and innovations in a market that has not seen it in years. These women owned and led companies continue to bring exciting new products to the sex toy market, and promote inclusivity with true pleasure for their clientele.  

Why is a male ran sex toy company or male designed toy lacking what is needed to achieve the ultimate female pleasure?

If you think about it, when a man designs a sex toy, he will design it based on what he thinks that a woman would enjoy and find pleasure in. This can be a problem because a male does not have the key element that allows him to know what pleases a woman – a vulva. When you lack the essential body part that ultimately receives this pleasure, you have no first-hand knowledge about how what you are designing will actually work for your clientele. Additionally, the marketing for these toys is often centered around what men find attractive and sexy. Women do not often feel the same, and maybe turned away and unattracted to this male centered marketing. Being unable to cater to your desired demographic means that you lose a large market share. However, since women designed and owned companies have been historically scarce, it is the easiest choice to buy from when looking for a new sex toy, which ends up leaving a dissatisfied customer. When a sex toy is designed by someone who does not have a personal experience as to what feels pleasurable, it lacks the experience and sensation needed.

Women led and owned companies are making dramatic strides to improve pleasure for their customers. 

When women take control of their own pleasure, the results are astounding. From designing products that are more pleasurable and effective to creating a marketing plan that feels inclusive and exciting for their clientele, these women owned companies are changing the way we see pleasure and sex toys. Buying a sex toy designed for the female body will yield better results and better overall satisfaction. Women led companies in the sex toy industry are also more inclusive towards needs, wants, desires, and body types. Women owned companies are also often still in the startup stage, as they are launching in an environment and market saturated by male owned sex toy companies. The smaller size means better customer service, better products, and more receptive listening in terms of customers’ needs and feedback. Plus, the leaders and designers are making purchases and designing products based on their own experiences, which are much more relevant to the female body and needs, in turn leading to a far better pleasure pay off. 

What is the best way to support a women owned sex toy company as a customer?

There are so many ways to effectively support women owned, women led, or women designed sex toys and companies. For one, you can make your next purchase of a sex toy from one of these innovative companies. If you are not in the market for a new sex toy, give these companies a follow on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest. Social media marketing is huge, and requires a dedicated customer base, which you can be a part of! Recommend these companies to your friends if you are comfortable having those conversations. Remember that larger companies have vast marketing budgets, and even a simple follow of a social media page for a smaller company can be a part of the reason that they continue to grow and succeed in this male dominated industry. Following these companies on social media will also remind you for the next time you are in the market for a new sex toy to take a look at the selection available.

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