Mosquito controllers are keeping a close eye on the Fraser River

The team that helps control the Lower Mainald’s mosquito population is keeping a close eye on the Fraser River.

The higher the water climbs, the more of those pesky, itchy insects we can expect to see.

“In the mosquito world, it all depends what hand Mother Nature deals us,” said Morrow BioScience Ltd. operations manager, Shaun Calver.

After a cool spring, the forecast is calling for warmer weather and that could cause the snowpack to melt faster.

“The more water, the more flooding, and the more mosquito eggs that hatch,” Calver said.

The slender insect, that many people love to hate, lays eggs along the shore. When water rises over dry land, new mozzies are hatched.

Technicians have already treated the area with a non-toxic larvicide that’s specific to mosquitoes. But if the Fraser River climbs higher, the team may have to do more.

Calver said it’s too early to say whether it’s going to be a good or bad year for mosquitoes, and their yearly population is very hard to predict.

“I’ve stopped guessing,” he said with a laugh.

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