Mortgage loan: do you have the right profile to convince your banker (and have the best rate)?

Who do banks most easily roll out the red carpet for when it comes to granting a mortgage? “In short, they are looking for future profitable customers. Everything that goes in this direction interests them, from age to income, including potential savings ”, answers Cécile Roquelaure, director of studies at Empruntis.

Unsurprisingly, lenders like young people (those under 30 or 35, depending on the institution), at the start of their career. Especially those whose incomes are on an upward slope. “It’s also better seen to borrow as a couple, because the risk of unemployment, and therefore of difficulty in repaying the loan, is spread over the two members of the couple “, adds Pierre Chapon, co-founder of the broker Pretto.

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Professional status is also closely scrutinized. “A contract of indefinite duration facilitates the acceptance of the file. Conversely, people on fixed-term contracts, on probation, the self-employed and temporary workers are less sought after. It is not impossible for them to borrow, but this is clearly working against them ”, estimates Sylvain Lefèvre, president of the broker La Centrale de financement.

Sectors that are scary

Partial unemployment implemented since the start of the health crisis was seen as a warning signal. The situation is tending to resolve itself, with the complete reopening of hotels and restaurants, but the indicators have not yet returned to green in certain sectors such as aeronautics, events, culture and tourism. “However, it is easier today than a year ago to find financing for employees in these sectors, because we have more visibility on the economic recovery “, note Sandrine Allonier, research director of the broker Vousfinancer, specifying that “Self-employed workers remain penalized”.

Beyond the sector of activity, the banks verify that the employer has strong backs. “They prefer employees of large companies rather than very small businesses. And, of course, it is more complicated if the co-borrowers both work in a sector affected by the Covid ”, adds Cécile Roquelaure.

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Also with a view to reducing their risk, banks grant better conditions to those who earn a good living. “They are ready to make efforts for couples with monthly income exceeding 5,000 euros net in the provinces and 7,000 euros in Ile-de-France”, confirms Mme Roquelaure. Example of a differentiated scale used by a Parisian bank: 1.65% over twenty years for its clients earning less than 45,000 euros per year between them, 1.05% above 90,000 euros.

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