Morocco after the blow of the CJEU: “There is a lot of politics and few legal arguments”

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Morocco sees “a lot of politics and few arguments” in the ruling of the EU Court annulling the fisheries and agrarian agreements for encompassing the Sahara Occidental, which will be, trust, appealed and rectified with the help of the European institutions, which they ask to defend its legality.

Sources from the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs gave Efe their point of view on the sentence of the General Court of the European Union (TGUE) known this Wednesday, in which it considers that the agreements cannot be valid without the consent of the Sahrawis and gives legitimacy to the Front Polisario as a representative legal entity of that town.

The sources believe that the court has entered its ruling “on rather political considerations that have nothing to do with the agreements and their content.”

They criticize that tribunal sentencing It is made up of practically the same judges who formed the one who in 2015 annulled the agreements in the first place. “Unfortunately, they prove the same ignorance of the matter”, they indicate in this regard.

That year, the TGUE already annulled the agreements claiming that Morocco cannot sign them encompassing the territory of the Sahara, in dispute between Morocco and the Front Polisario, but tip European He later managed to save that annulment thanks to a legal loophole, requesting the consent of the Sahrawi associations present in the territory controlled by Morocco.

Now, the court insists that the Maghreb country cannot sign agreements that include the Sahara without the consent of its inhabitants and believes that the consultation process was not done correctly, but does not specify, the sources highlight, “how to proceed to the consultation “or if you had to go to the Polisario for it.

“Few legal arguments”

“There is a lot of politics and few arguments legal“, say the Foreign Ministry sources, who even find” contradictions “,” ambiguity and inconsistencies “in the way in which the court grants legal personality to the Polisario Front.

“We are not surprised with this, it is not the first time, we have seen this before in the same way, it is rather a political war with a legal disguise,” they explain in reference to the dispute over the Sahara with “Algeria. and the Polisario “.

However, they trust that the agreements will go ahead and that this will be a “temporary and temporary aspect”: “We believe that this decision will be rectified, as has happened before.”

Morocco recalls that the European Council took a position against the Polisario’s resources that have resulted in the annulment of the agreements and that the EU, it says, is acting “as a bloc against the adversaries of the partnership” with the Maghreb country.

“The EU position has been strongly expressed, without any ambiguity, by the Council, which defended itself in court saying that the Polisario it does not have any legal personality “, they emphasize.

They trust that today’s decision will be appealed shortly by European institutions or exporters’ associations and call on the EU to defend the legality of the agreements and “protect this common association that we have built for decades.”

The sources appeal to the joint communiqué between the EU and Morocco published shortly after the ruling was known, assuring that measures will be taken to guarantee commercial relations between the two.

“The continuity of the agreements and commercial operations is guaranteed, there is no disturbance, they were made yesterday, they are done today and they will be done tomorrow,” they point out to underline that the court “does not contest the legality of the agreements.”

Morocco, sources say, is counting on the European institutions and the EU countries to resolve this stumbling block in the agreements.

“We know that they are as jealous for this association as we are, it is something that all the member countries are building together and I believe that they will all be on the same side, we are going to build a block to stop this political harassment from the adversaries.”

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