Moreno demands a bilateral table for Andalusia like that of Catalonia “with Sánchez and 6 ministers”

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The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has warned that if the central government has a “bilateral table” with Catalonia, Andalusia also wants one and will request it “formally“.

Moreno has made these statements during an interview with Onda Cero, after addressing the issue that this Wednesday the dialogue table between the central government and the Generalitat of Catalonia will be held, in which the Spanish president himself, Pedro Sánchez, will participate, accompanied by six ministers.

The Andalusian leader recalled when he met with Sánchez last June at the Moncloa Palace, in the first official meeting between the two institutional representatives. It came two and a half years after Juanma Moreno was appointed president of the Junta de Andalucía.

Then, Moreno indicated that he went to Moncloa with an attitude of “maximum loyalty”, aware that all administrations “have to push in the same direction” to get out of the crisis. But he also made it clear that “Andalusia does not pretend to be more than anyone else, but it will not be less than anyone”, Advising that if the central government set up bilateral tables with some communities, such as Catalonia, it was also going to demand a bilateral table with Andalusia to deal with matters of general interest.

But, since then, and according to the president of the Board, “at no time”, the central government has requested the activation of this bilateral table.

The bilateral table between both administrations, as explained today by the President of the Board, is a figure that appears included in the Statute of Autonomy Andalusian. On this occasion, and if held, Moreno has detailed that they would address issues of relevance to the Andalusian community “such as regional financing and the distribution of European funds.”


For all this, in addition, “if there is a bilateral table with Catalonia, Andalusia wants a bilateral table”, has sentenced Juanma Moreno. The Andalusian leader has shown his concern that the central government, bilaterally with Catalonia, “negotiate privileges“for this community to the” detriment “of the other territories of Spain, which means breaking the principle of equality enshrined in the Constitution.

He has said that he is willing to formally request the bilateral table between the central government and the Junta de Andalucía and has said that “of course” he wants Pedro Sánchez and several ministers to be there, as will happen tomorrow at the table with Catalonia. .

In his opinion, with the table with Catalonia, what Pedro Sánchez intends is “to please and pacify his parliamentary situation” and he is willing to put “the checkbook on the table “, which” is not reasonable “in a country where” we all have to have the same opportunities. “

Subsequently, the Andalusian executive has returned to pronounce on the subject at the press conference of the Governing Council, held today. The spokesman for the executive and counselor of the Presidency, Elijah Bendodo, has explained that the request for the bilateral table between Andalusia and the Government of Spain announced by Juanma Moreno will be requested officially and in writing.

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