Moreno and López Miras demand that Sánchez prioritize the reform of regional financing

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The president of the Junta de Andalucía, Juanma Moreno, has once again hosted an institutional meeting to address the problem of financing in the San Telmo palace, this time with its Murcian counterpart, Fernando Lopez Miras.

Both have demanded that the central government open “urgently“the debate on the reform of the autonomous financing framework.

The two have coincided in the speech already raised between Moreno and the president of the Valencian Generalitat, the socialist Ximo Puig: that while the agreement is reached between the communities to change the financial framework, a transitional fund leveling that alleviates the under-financing of these three communities.

The president of the Junta de Andalucía has indicated that with the meetings with other regional presidents the intention is to “raise one’s voice” on a problem that requires “institutional loyalty”But also“ determination ”.

What he asks is that the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, include in his political agenda the need to reform the regional financing model, which affects, above all, Andalusia, Valencian Community and Murcia with respect to others included in it common financial heading.

“Fair” system

For this reason, and as long as the current model does not change, a “transitional leveling fund” has to be put in place to help alleviate the “serious financial situation“from communities that are currently underfunded.

Moreno has considered that it is essential to configure a new system that is stable, durable “and fair” and that also eradicates financial differences between some communities and others.

If the Valencian Community and Andalusia added, according to Moreno and Puig, 30% of the population of Spain, this time Juanma Moreno has released another data. It has asserted that the economies of Andalusia, Region of Murcia and Valencian Community suppose “more than 25% of GDP national ”, so there is“ a serious problem ”if in all three“ there is a problem of under-financing ”.

Juanma Moreno has also explained that it is “the lack of leadership and inaction” of the central government that has prompted him to be the one who is meeting with other regional presidents, since the Government of Pedro Sánchez “does not finish opening the debate”On the reform of the financing model.

Urgent dialogue

The president of the Junta de Andalucía has valued that, in his opinion, what the central government should do is “sit down all the communities to try to find meeting points and shared spaces, and work boldly and rigorously so that we all win ”.

For his part, in the intervention that took place after the meeting, Fernando Lopez Miras He wanted to clarify that the initiative of the meeting does not intend to “take away some to give it to others.”

He stressed that the goal is to have a new system that offers to grant all communities “the funds needed to improve the functioning of essential public services, such as education, health and social policies, putting at the center the needs of people regardless of where they live ”.

“We do not want a favorable treatment, as the independentists but justice and equality for all “, as stressed by the Murcian president, for whom the current model has increased the differences between regions in terms of funding to” unaffordable “levels.

Sources of the Murcian Executive indicate to EL ESPAÑOL that in 2021 the Murcian community has received 2,509 euros per inhabitant, compared to the 2,715 euros that the rest of the regions of common or 3.412 in the best funded community, which is Cantabria. Specifically, Cantabria, which is also, like Murcia, uniprovincial “and with a third of inhabitants with respect to the Region of Murcia” receives almost 700 euros per inhabitant more than Murcia, having 580,000 inhabitants “compared to the million and a half that the Region of Murcia ”, according to the informe Fedea of ​​September this year.

López Miras has shown, therefore, his concern because the current obsolete financing model is generating that “some citizens are treated as first and others as second and even as third”.

Fair share

All communities “must have sufficient resources” to be able to finance “essential” services. Later, López Miras has clarified that “the solution is not in the tax increase, but that resources are distributed more fairly ”.

“The current differences in financing are not admissible per adjusted inhabitant“, has indicated the Murcian president, who also points out that the new model must be stable to be able to finance public services with solvency. Therefore, it has been abundant that financing must be”armored“and that it is not cut depending on the economic cycles and ups and downs that may exist.

Both leaders, therefore, have agreed in their demand that the Government must now sit down with the autonomous communities. According to López Miras “the first thing the central government has to do is want to solve the problem and sit down with the communities to debate, make proposals, demand and yield, ”emphasizing that all regions“ have to win ”with the reform of the autonomous financial framework.

As in the visit of the Valencian leader a week ago, López Miras and Juanma Moreno have signed a institutional statement similar to the one signed with Puig

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