Morena will win the presidency in 2024; if there is no opening, there may be a rupture within the party: Ricardo Monreal

Monterrey, NL. The Senator for Morena, Ricardo Monreal Ávila, assured that in 2024 he will win the presidency BrunetteHowever, if there is no opening in the internal contest, there may be a rupture. In addition, he clarified that he does not seek to be a presidential candidate of Citizen movement.

“In 2024 he will win Brunette, but the internal conflict can put us at risk of victory, there is talk of disruptive factors by so many candidates (for the Presidency), there are not so many, I would say that it is a shortlist: Claudia Sheinbaum, Marcelo Ebrard and the voice; I’m going to beat them to the good, in a primary election. “

“If there can be risks, if there is no opening there may be a break, although there is a year and ten months left, the call to choose President It will be issued around August or September 2023, if there is no care and if there is a fracture or rupture, there may be a risk ”, reiterated the senator, during a dialogue with students from the University of Monterrey and of the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, at the headquarters of the UDEM in Santa Catarina.

At a press conference, he specified that in Citizen movement: “They do not need an external candidate, I am not a candidate, nor do I try to displace anyone who has merits in those parties.”

He indicated that in the opposition bloc, he does not perceive presidential political figures, and that it is likely that the opposition is in search of some personalities.

Political transition

He recalled that in 1988 there was an irruption of a democratic current within the PRI, when Cuauhtémoc Cardenas was a candidate for the presidency, for the National Democratic Front, and Carlos Salinas de Gortari, by the PRI.

Then came 2000 where for the first time there was an alternation of power with Vicente Fox PAN, and the third democratizing wave occurred in 2018 with Brunette.

“I have observed in greater depth the political transition that Mexico is living, political transitions are usually not so fast, they do not end in six years, they are long processes in their evolution, so I do not expect the transition to be consummated in 2024, I am one of those who thinks that the transition will generate processes of further deepening ”, stressed the official.

In the case of New Lionindicated that last June’s election responded to a different logic, since the party with the greatest structure did not win, the party with the greatest presence on networks and platforms won, through digital communication.

Also, in 2015, it won a independent candidate above the traditional parties, technological evolution caused change, “New Lion is one of the states with the highest use of digital toolsThat is why those who know how to manage the networks are successful, even when the sayings and the facts are not consistent, they fill the perception gap ”, highlighted Monreal Ávila.

Regarding the performance of the governor Samuel Garcia, indicated that it is too early to express an opinion, however, “he is a young man who grew up, there is a huge expectation in New Lion, I hope it is fulfilled, I have no other interest, I have no alliance, beyond the sense of camaraderie, as a senator that he was, “stressed the president of the board of Political Coordination of the Senate of the Republic.


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