Morena senators anteponen their political interests to human rights

A total of 9,431 requests for intervention by the High Court of Human Rights in 2021 were received by the Veracruz Human Rights Commission. The General Court of Justice (FGJ) accumulated 31.1% of the queues, according to the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP), with 25.3 per cent. It is hoped that the bodies responsible for protecting and prosecuting the veracruzanos will receive the 56.4% of the queues; 2,933 against the FGJ and 2,386 against the SSP.

The anterior means that he is in the state that goberna the moraine Cuitláhuac García haya a policy not written that authority has both dependencies to act without taking into account the human rights of the persons or that the governor has no idea of ​​what he succeeded.

A recent case of this violation of human rights is the six young men who passed away months in prison were sentenced to be arbitrarily detained by corrupt police who prosecute the crime of ultra-authority, which leads to official imprisonment.

This case was announced in December by the President of the Senate Political Coordination of Senate (Jucopo) and Coordinator of the Morenian Senators, Ricardo Monreal. García refuses to say goodbye, denouncing the denunciation: “He has his opinion and no problem. This is not a case as in the past where the laws are violaban, about all the victims. Here are the lads, we act as if we are right ”.

Apparently, Cuitláhuac had been equivocal because the CNDH took over the case and the study team concluded that the young people were effectively arrested without reason and accused of having committed a crime that the State Congress added to the Code of Criminal Procedure. reprimand women protesting against their government.

The youngsters were released on December 18th.

García aparentemente not the gusto that he exhibits the senator, porque días despu, the 23rd of December, the technical secretary of the Jucopo, José Manuel del Río Virgen, was detained in Veracruz, accused of being an accomplice of the assessee, the 4th of June passed, from a candidate of MC to a municipal presidency.

A separate commission was formed in the Senate to investigate the violations of the human rights laws in Veracruz and the case was documented in more than 84 cases where the debt process and the presumption of innocence were not respected.

Without embarrassment, the existence of the special commission is at stake because 29 Morenian senators qualified as radicals are pronounced against the regime and, by the way, against the investigation of the human rights violations in Veracruz. These legislators, the last or most experienced members of the government of the CDMX government and their ally Cuitláhuac García, decided to mandate the devil to the crusaders with the power to protect the governor and his obvious candidacy for the Presidency of the Republic.

It is lamentable that senators like César Cravioto (who in one era sold a leach contaminated with fecal materials) and Malú Micher (self-proclaimed feminist and eccentric conservator founded by the Ecclesiastical Municipalities of León, Guanajuato) of more than eight million veracruzanos.

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