Morena seeks to promote revocation

Only eight hours after being presented, the legislative majority of Morena, PT and PVEM in the Chamber of Deputies approved in fast track an initiative that seeks to allow any public official to promote, without any sanction, the revocation of the mandate of President Andrés Manuel López Workshop.

The initiative with draft decree that interprets the Scope of the Concept of Government Propaganda, contained in the General Law of Electoral Institutions and Procedures, and in the Federal Law of Revocation of Mandate, and which was promoted by the president of San Lázaro, Sergio Gutiérrez Luna (Morena), was endorsed in general and in particular by 267 votes in favor, 210 votes against and zero abstentions and was sent to the Senate for analysis.

The project, which was integrated into yesterday’s ordinary session in the Chamber of Deputies as an urgent resolution, points out that government propaganda must be understood as the set of writings, publications, images, recordings and projections disseminated under any form of social communication, charged to the public budget, specifically labeled for that purpose by a public entity.

Therefore, “the expressions of public servants do not constitute government propaganda, which are subject to the limits established in the applicable laws. Information of public interest does not constitute government propaganda either (…) which must be disseminated in any format by public servants.”

Opposition claims

Deputy Marco Humberto Aguilar Coronado (PAN) emphasized that the modification of a law “cannot be done through interpretation decrees.”

In the same sense, the deputy Marcela Guerra Castillo spoke for the PRI, who stressed that the proposed modifications are intended to open the possibility of proselytizing and campaigning in favor of the current government during the current electoral ban.

While the deputy Elizabeth Pérez Valdez (PRD) said that they take 90 days prior to modifying any electoral law so that it can be used during the process; “You don’t need to twist the laws.”

In this sense, if the reform is also endorsed in the Senate, it would not apply for the current revocation process, which will take place on April 10.

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