Morena chooses Mara Lezama as a candidate for governor of Quintana Roo

Cancun, QR. The mayoress of Cancun, Mara Lezama Espinosa, was elected candidate for the governorship of Quintana Roo by the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette).

Around 04:30 on this Thursday, December 23, the national leader of Morena, Mario Delgado Carrillo, announced the definition of the six candidates for governor for the 2022 elections.

Brunette conducted a survey, the results of which were corroborated with mirror polls conducted by the polling companies Buendía, Covarrubias, and Mendoza.

“The average in Aguascalientes is that we have an intention to vote of 20.07% based on the results of the different pollsters, in Durango we have an intention to vote for Morena, on average, of 35.77%, in Hidalgo 41%, in Oaxaca 50.7 %, in Quintana Roo 44.5% and in Tamaulipas 43.56 percent, ” Delgado Carrillo reported.

Regarding Quintana Roo, the Morena leader stated that it was the second entity, of the six that will renew governorships in 2022, with a higher level of intention to vote in favor of a woman.

“Therefore, in Quintana Roo the gender of whoever won the survey is respected; (a) woman won, therefore, the final criterion of female parity remains, ” he said.

In his first statements after the appointment of his party, Lezama Espinoza appealed to the unity of his party in the face of the electoral process.

“I appeal to unity, they have asked me to talk about this next week, I will have to return to Mexico, the truth is that I am grateful to everyone, always appeal to unity, what I have always said: to do any project, to be able to to govern, to run a company or a family, you have to build bridges, build consensus and always appeal to unity ”, he specified.

The other candidate, the senator of Morena, José Luis Pech Várguez, issued a position on social networks that reads: “Morena has concluded its process to select the person who will lead the candidacy for governor of Quintana Roo. The decision presented by the party does not favor me; it is unexpected and painful, particularly for the people who have accompanied me in this process and for the majority of Quintana Roo ”.

“However, these are moments of institutionality and of caring for the unity of our political institute to continue supporting the President of the Republic in the transformation of the country,” he added.

For her part, the senator for Morena, Marybel Villegas Canché, posted on her Twitter account: “My fight is for a true change in Quinta Roo, to get out of this crisis of insecurity in which we live, because we put a stop to the personal ambitions that continue to manipulate the fate of Quintana Roo “. And he stressed:” Tonight Morena decided, on June 5 the people of Quinta Roo will decide. “

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