Enrique Guzmán’s phrase in a commercial: “The sea tides”, is confirmed by figures of the Official Party who maintain that by winning the Presidency in 2018 they broke a dictatorship.

The statement is silly, to put it nicely, since the triumph of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was possible thanks to the electoral institutions built during the democratic transition of 30 years ago.

In dictatorships there are no free elections, such as the one that made possible the triumph of the President. The fallacious assertion only confirms that without President López Obrador, Morena is nothing and neither are the presumptuous ones who paraphrase that of “we are plowing.”

Jackson beat Salinas and Camacho

In 1991, several PRI candidates for deputies fought because the government of the then Federal District, headed by Manuel Camacho Solís and his second Marcelo Ebrard, backed leftist candidates.

The election came and Camacho complained about the result to President Carlos Salinas, since the PRI won all the districts. Jackson went to Los Pinos and proved the PRI victory with minutes and Salinas had to admit it.

It is worth the story because Enrique Jackson passed away, An exemplary generation for the intelligent use of Power. Jackson was the ideal political negotiator, as he had a word of honor. Good trip.

Mexico, waiting room, again

With his rude ways, former United States President Donald Trump forced the Mexican government to block the southern border and admit that Mexico was hosting asylum-seeking migrants while they awaited the US court decision.

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When President Joseph Biden arrived, he let the asylum seekers wait on US soil. But a federal judge ordered the re-implementation of the Trumpian practice and has negotiated with Mexico to make it the waiting room.

Four border cities will receive the migrants and, the Mexican government says, Washington has offered help to ensure humanitarian treatment. Mexico accepted Biden’s offer, one of those that, of course, it could not refuse. Things in the neighborhood.


Be careful, Pemex, by reviewing contracts, tries to negotiate with suppliers to whom it owes billions of pesos and, they say, that it does not have enough money to pay it. That practice is like an open ark. At the same time … A pity that the Franciscan austerity does not allow Economy Minister Tatiana Clouthier to lobby the US senators who plan to subsidize the manufacture of electric cars and to splurge on a heated controversy in the framework of the T-MEC. .. Ratified by the Senate, Victoria Rodríguez joins the Bank of Mexico and her intellectual integrity will be tested … In these turbulent political times, the phrase of Saint Augustine is valid: “Pride is not greatness but swelling, and that is swollen seems large, but it is not healthy ”…

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