It is not time for demonstrations, whatever their claims and no matter how just their causes.

And that statement includes the calls for the next 8-M in Madrid, covered by the permission granted by the Government delegate in Madrid, Jose Manuel Franco, to acts of up to 500 people.

“There is no place. I say it bluntly: I would not allow or understand that they were carried out,” said the Minister of Health. Carolina Darias He has thus put common sense where some of his colleagues in the Council of Ministers have shown a conspicuous folly calling for a “massive 8-M”.

EL ESPAÑOL can only join the Minister’s statements. Because today, in Spain, it is not necessary to demonstrate, but to get vaccinated.

In other words. That these demonstrations have been authorized does not mean that they should be held.

Serious irresponsibility

If the members of the Council of Ministers have to dedicate their working hours to something, it is to define and organize the complex logistics necessary for the mass vaccination of millions of Spaniards. Especially when Spain continues to be at high risk and with a cumulative incidence of 218 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

For more than that extremist (and very minority) branch of feminism defended by the Minister of Equality Irene Montero Deny it, the March 8 demonstrations last year were gravely irresponsible and most likely contributed to the spread of the epidemic in many Spanish cities.

That several of the ministers who attended these demonstrations fell ill within a few days should, at the very least, invite prudence today.

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Sensibility, not sectarianism

When the memory of those demonstrations is still alive in the memory of many Spaniards, a part of the Government, riding on an unconsciousness that says more about its sectarianism than its good sense, intends to celebrate 8-M again as if nothing had happened in the last twelve months.

If the intention of this feminism is to provoke the Spaniards and generate social tension, nothing better for it than to celebrate 8-M in the same streets where the “for sale” signs accumulate on the doors of places that have been forced to close by restrictions imposed in the wake of the pandemic.

That these demonstrations are a serious irresponsibility It does not mean, however, that their claims are unfair. But if, as some feminist groups defend, the confinements have aggravated the situation of women who live with their abusers, the solution is certainly not to demonstrate on March 8.

In the first place, because demonstrations do not solve problems. At most, they contribute to making them visible. And the problem of intimate partner violence does not need more visibility, but better prevention policies.

Something that should correspond, among others, to that Ministry of Equality that prefers to demonstrate than to design useful laws.

Secondly, because in this specific case, the 8-M demonstrations could contribute to further delay the exit from the pandemic. In other words, to aggravate the situation of women abused by their partners.

We are all victims

Not to mention the fact that the epidemic has not only impacted women. The epidemic, and the consequent economic crisis, has devastated the Spanish productive fabric, has forced the closure of thousands of SMEs and freelancers, has aggravated the situation of Spaniards who live alone, has cannibalized the savings of hundreds of thousands of Spaniards and has sent many others to unemployment.

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And that is not to mention a strictly health data. That 57% of those infected with Covid-19 are men, as well as 72% of the dead.

But that is not, in any case, the key to this matter. The key is that the energy of the Spanish administrations should be focused 100% on accelerating and facilitating the vaccination of Spaniards.

That should be the priority of the central government, of the 17 autonomous governments and of all Spanish city councils, to the extent of their powers.

Celebrating 8-M, no matter how much it may be by dividing the participation in small demonstrations of 500 people (something that, on the other hand, is practically impossible to control), is a sanitary barbarity inappropriate for those who should show the responsibility of an adult and not the frivolity of a teenager.

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