More than a million ‘covid passports’ downloaded in Catalonia in five days

  • On Saturday, until 5:00 p.m., almost 330,000 certificates were ‘downloaded’

The rate of downloads of the Covid digital certificates, more commonly known as ‘passports’, it was maintained this Saturday at the rhythm of maximums. If between the last day 23, the date on which the Government approved expanding the accreditation requirement beyond nightlife, and The 26 –when the mandatory presentation of the document had to be left on ‘stand by’ given the long ‘queues’ that were generated- they ‘lowered’ 913,095 certificates, this Saturday, between 0.00 and 17.00 hours were 329.492, according to data from the Government. A total, therefore, of 1,242,587 passports in five days, about 20% of all those vaccinated.

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In the middle of Saturday afternoon, the ‘queue’ exceeded 5,000 peoples, far from the tens and even hundreds of thousands that collapsed the system on Friday morning. On that day it will be downloaded 346,288 certificates.

The President of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, for his part, announced this Saturday that the technical teams of the ‘Conselleries’ de Polítiques Digitals y Salut are working to resolve technical incidents to download the Covid passport, and that the Covid passport will be announced on Monday. new date for it to take effect: expected to be “early this week.” The Government’s measure will force the presentation of the ‘passport’ to access restaurants, gyms and residences for the elderly as the indicators of the pandemic worsen.

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