More than 500 Ukrainians could be housed in Catalan hostels

The ‘Minister’ for Foreign Action ‘of the Generalitat, Victoria Alsina, It has encrypted between 500 and 600 Ukrainian people who will resort to the maintenance and accommodation of Catalan hostels, according to the Government’s forecasts. In statements to the media from Guissona. Lleida, which has been picked up by Europa Press, which hosts “one of the largest Ukrainian communities in Catalonia”, has assured that the will of the Catalan Executive is to welcome all the people who need it.

With the same intention, he explained that the Government is working in coordination with the Catalan delegations in Central Europe and the Balkans to study how “to help from the border so that they come here more easily”.

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He explained that the Government currently does not know the exact number of Catalans in Ukraine and that it has made a telephone number and an email available to this group in order to provide all possible assistance or to refer them to the competent authorities.

Alsina has said verbatim that the Generalitat does not have the full competence it would like in this matter and that the Department wants to promote “State policies”. The minister, who condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine, attended an Orthodox mass in Guissona on Sunday and met with representatives of the Ukrainian community to “hear what her concerns and needs are.”

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