More than 2,000 immigrants try to jump the Melilla fence

The border fence of Melilla has registered on the morning of this Wednesday a massive assault in which 2,500 sub-Saharan immigrants have participated, as reported by the Government Delegation and confirmed by sources from the State security forces and bodies in the autonomous city.

Of those who have attempted the jump, about 500 have managed to cross into Spanish territory according to the same sources. The immigrants who have managed to pass through celebrated it with joy in the streets of the city, and tried to send messages to their families through social networks as they headed in large groups towards the Temporary Stay Center for Immigrants.

The assault on the fence, in the Beny Enzar sector, and very close to the Principe neighborhood, began at 7:00 in the morning with clashes between sub-Saharans and Moroccan gendarmes. At 9:30 it had become uncontrollable, say police sources, who have observed the use by immigrants of sticks, hooks and pieces of metal, including screws and nuts, with which they have tried to delay the action of the gendarmes. .

The border guards of the Moroccan gendarmerie have intercepted hundreds of them on their side of the fence, and the Civil Guard has done the same in their sector, but the massive jump hThe action of the security forces was overwhelmed from the first moment.

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Patrols of the Civil Guard and the National Police, with the help of the Melilla Local Police, are still trying to group together some remains of the wave of immigrants to proceed with their identification. It is the most numerous jump to the fence that is remembered in the last five years.

A first count of wounded on this side of the border shows a balance of three immigrants and three civil guards with injuries of varying degrees. The fence no longer has the concertina cables that crowned it.

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