More than 150 detained in Interpol raid against hidden internet

At least 150 people have been arrested by European and American authorities after a joint operation against the drug dealers, weapons and others illicit products on the sites of e-commerce from hidden internetDutch media reported Tuesday, citing the Europol police agency.

It was also seized cash and cryptocurrencies worth 26.7 million euros ($ 31 million) and 234 kilograms of drugs, according to the Dutch broadcaster KRO-NRCV. “This operation shows that we can reach (criminals on the dark web) even if they think they are hiding somewhere, they cannot be sure that we will not be there in a moment to knock on their door,” he told the station. Europol Deputy Chief Operating Officer Jean-Philippe Lecouffe.

According to the Dutch media, 65 American citizens were arrested, along with 47 Germans, 24 British and a handful of Dutch, French, Swiss and Bulgarians.

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The operation focused on the sellers and buyers of the dark web, and not on the people who run the sites, as in previous operations. The markets of the darknet are sites of e-commerce designed to be out of reach of common search engines. They are popular with criminals, as buyers and sellers are largely untraceable.

In January of this year, Europol announced that it had dismantled an online marketplace called DarkMarket selling illegal drugs in an operation run by German law enforcement

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