More than 10,000 immigrants cross into Texas and set up camps under the Del Rio Bridge

MIGRATION. Most of those who make up the group are Haitians / EFE

A group of more than 10,000 immigrants, mostly Haitians, settled under the Del Rio International Bridge, in Texas, after crossing into the United States. The fact fuels the irregular migration crisis to North America, a challenge for the government of President Joe Biden.

The context: The Reuters news agency indicated that other nationalities said they were present in the area, with Venezuelans, Nicaraguans and Cubans among the group that arrived in the United States.

  • Immigration officials from both Mexico and the United States assured the source that they expect more immigrants in the coming days.
  • According to several of the immigrants told Reuters, many of them organized routes and communicated them through WhatsApp groups to inform others.

And now that…?: This week, the US Border Patrol said it will increase staffing in the Puente Del Rio area to provide mineral water and portable toilets. Meanwhile, Customs and Border Protection said Friday that it will close its port of entry to the area.

  • From Texas, Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation that provides an extra $ 1.8 billion in state funding for border security.
  • According to government data, in August more than 195 immigrants were arrested at the southern border.

Main source of the news: Reuters

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