More tension with Russia: Finland sets foot in NATO

Finland is no longer a non-aligned country. Before the dumbfounded look of Russiathe President and the First minister have spoken in favor of ingress of the nordic country on the NATO. This positioning is an essential requirement to continue with the accession process which, according to the country’s presidency, will be officially announced on Sunday. Sweden observe closely since, if there are no setbacks, it will accompany the brother country in entering the Atlantic Alliance.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine, started last February 24thblew up the historical neutrality of the two Nordic countries, frightened by the possibility that the Russian giant, with which they share borders, could launch a military attack, in the style of the one it has carried out on Ukrainian territory.

“Being a member of NATO would strengthen Finland’s security. As one of its members, Finland would also strengthen the Alliance as a whole. Finland must be a candidate for accession without delay,” they signed in a joint statement on President Sauli Niinistoand the Prime Minister Sanna Marin. Although predictable, both leaders had kept their position out of public debate so as not to influence their fellow citizens. “We have needed time for Parliament and the whole of society to establish their positions on the matter. Also to establish close international contacts with NATO and its member countries, as well as with Sweden. We wanted to give the discussion the space it required,” they have said. indicated.

After repeated threats from Russia, the Finnish president has stressed that the decision. “against no one”, alluding to Moscow, in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

“If we want to maximize our security, it means maximizing the defense of our country”, Niinisto explained during a press conference, adding that “no one can be offended if someone (a country) wants to defend itself”, as reported by the newspaper ‘Ilta Sanomat’.

Thus, the Finnish president highlighted at a press conference that Russia has decided to try to take decision-making power from Finland in its own defense by demanding that the Atlantic Alliance not expand further to the east.

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“If we decide to join (NATO), one possible answer could be that you caused this. Look in the mirror (Putin),” Niinisto said of this possibility, which could break his historical status of neutrality.

Both Finland and Sweden have considered the possibility of abandoning this long-term status and joining the Atlantic Alliance in the context of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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