Showers sometimes sustained with risk of thunderstorms will persist Thursday in the southern and central areas of Quebec.

Heavy rainfall has already watered several areas since the day before, leaving accumulations of 30 to 50 millimeters on the ground, under a rising mercury nevertheless.

Environment Canada has issued a heavy rain alert since Wednesday for areas in the center of the province with possible flooding in places.

“We expect 30 to 50 millimeters of rain over several areas in the south and center of the province until Thursday morning,” the federal agency said.

The sectors of the Laurentians, Montérégie, Montreal, Mauricie and Quebec are particularly affected by the warning from Environment Canada.

Montreal and Mauricie should receive another 5 millimeters of rain, while temperatures will stabilize at 20 degrees.

In Quebec, up to 20 millimeters are expected, especially in the northern sectors, when temperatures will be below normal for the season.

In western Quebec, the weather conditions will be better, since sunny weather, with sometimes alternating clouds, is expected there and the mercury is on the rise.

Almost the same situation for the eastern sectors of the province, as alternating sun and clouds are forecast and a Humidex 28 depending on the sector.



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