The head of the opposition, Laura Borràs, has had plenty of time to take hold of Canet’s case and launch it at the head of the Government, in particular the ‘conseller’ Gon & zdot; ález-Cambray. It is such a blatant use of the conflict that occurred at the school, on account of the new judicial hack, that to grimace.

But in those we are, the sectors opposed to the use of the Catalan language thrive to generate a problem where none existed. At the other extreme, we have those who take advantage of the occasion to stoke the Government chaired by the Republican Aragonès. Or at least a part of the Government. There is no will whatsoever in that type of attitude that I intend to give response and continuity which has been the object of a great consensus for years, despite some threat from the socialists. Sometimes, it is missing to see Montilla facing Albert Rivera on behalf of the Catalan school and defending immersion with determination.

Although it can be said that, for example, in Sabadell, one of the main cities of the country, all the groups, except the three councilors of Ciudadanos, have agreed on a resolution (although with the hesitant PSC) in defense of the Catalan school and immersion. That should be the way. Catalan is not the heritage of the most exacerbated indepes (often a new breed) and it shouldn’t be if we really understand Catalan as a national language. When of your defense they appropriate the extremes, we are bad and bad future for the language.

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In Sabadell, in addition, the architect of the consensus has been the councilor Gabriel Fernandez, of Uruguayan origin and devoted to Pepe Mújica. That conjunction is wonderful, for all that it represents. And the best antidote to the demagoguery and atavistic and unlimited hatred that certain political sectors profess to the Catalan language.

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Another song is what answer to give. Citizen and institutional. In the Balearic Islands, the educational community went on indefinite strike when Bauzà (PP) wanted to impose a model and corner Catalan. Bauzá lost, he had to give in, although in Brussels he is still in his thirteen, denouncing Nazi practices. In short, there are people who never cease in their efforts.

Another encore is what the Government can do in the face of judicial decisions. And finally if this Government, as much as there are competent and honest ‘consellers’ such as Jaume GiróIt has a path when one of the parties that make it up is the most interested in making it fall.

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