More corruption

Mexico has regressed once again. No matter the narrative that is repeated from the National Palace, Mexico is going from bad to worse and the reality is overwhelming above the official “data”.

The great irony is that the promise for which just over 30 million Mexicans voted, which is the same speech repeated “ad nauseam” of the supposed fight against corruption, have been buried because not only were they not fulfilled; worse still, they made reality exponentially worse.

Every year, the World Justice Project (WJP) measures the validity of the Rule of Law in the world, gathering perspectives from citizens and experts to explain the strengths, weaknesses and tendencies of the institutions responsible for ensuring the Rule of Law.

In 2019, Mexico ranked 117th in the “Absence of Corruption” indicator within the Global Rule of Law Index. However, in 2021 we fell to 135th out of 139 countries among the most corrupt in the world. Who beats us in corruption? Uganda, Cameroon, Cambodia and the Congo. Sadly in this indicator, we are the worst evaluated country of the 32 countries that participate in Latin America and the Caribbean.

There are three forms of corruption that are considered in this measurement: bribery, undue influence by public or private interests, and misappropriation of public funds or other resources. Corruption in the Executive, Legislative and Judicial Power and in the Police and Army is also analyzed.

In general, within the Global Index of the Rule of Law 2021, Mexico was ranked 113 out of 139 countries, which is not good news since only the previous year we ranked 104, which shows a drop of 9 places.

There are many warning signs in Mexico. The world has other data and from the outside they observe our country with enormous concern, not only because of the poor performance that is so evident, but above all because there is still no solid enough alternative in sight to give our beloved country a different course.

The least corrupt countries are Denmark, Norway, Singapore, Switzerland and Finland. Poor Mexico, so far from these countries and so close to the failed socialists who seek to impose destructive agendas.

* The author is the founding president of the Ágora AC Strategic Thought Institute (IPEA). First Think Tank of young Mexicans and One million young people for Mexico.

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