More 22@, more Barcelona, ​​more progress for everyone, by Jaume Collboni

By definition, cities are spaces in constant transformation, the main stage of the vertiginous changes we are experiencing. For this reason, urban planning is essential, capable of being ahead of its time and adapting cities to the new demands and needs of its inhabitants and, also, of its economic fabric. This is what Barcelona did in the year 2000, with the launch of 22@ by the socialist mayor Joan Clos, a bold move at the time that radically transformed the old industrial area of ​​Poblenou into a knowledge economy district, giving this part of the city a new appearance. And so we do it now, again, culminating the 22@ project with a renewed drive to make it the world reference technology district that also stands out for its mix of uses.

With the new 22@ we will activate one million more square meters for the new economy -the equivalent of 41 blocks from the Eixample- and We will generate 60,000 quality jobs with high added value. We cannot forget, however significant, that during the harsh months of the pandemic that we are now beginning to leave behind the technology sector was the only one that created employment in our city, with salaries 25% above the average. But Barcelona needs to diversify its economy more, and that is why we expand the activities of 22@ beyond the classic industry and technology, to add the audiovisual industry, industry 4.0 but also the green economy, for example. We want promote and retain the best local talentattract the national and international and offer the best conditions for them to settle and prosper in Barcelona, ​​helping us to project our city even more.

A key element in this review of 22@ is the living placeso necessary in the city and especially in this district that, as in other cities, suffered from lack of life during nights and weekends. That is why we have made an effort to mobilize 8,000 new homes, of which 5,000 will be protected and accessible.

Nobody escapes the fact that no city is possible without respect the enviroment. One of the objectives of this plan is also to provide the city with more and better green spaces, since this is a key element of sustainability. At the same time, we reserve 35,000 square meters for the essential facilities in the day to day of the current neighbors and those who will come to live here in the future, such as a primary care center, school, institute, market… The new 22@ will not be an isolated piece that turns its back on its immediate surroundings, but rather a engine of improvement for the neighborhoods of Provençals, Besòs and Maresme.

We are firmly determined to make the 22@ in the best neighborhood in Europe to live and work. And I want to highlight here the concept of neighborhood. The new 22@ is the best example of the Barcelona model: a city that humanises the economy and makes it compatible with the creation of a neighborhood with maximum quality of life for its residents. Barcelona, ​​once again, combines its Mediterranean roots and its avant-garde vocation to continue weaving a compact city.

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Every decision we make today is key to tomorrow. The 22@ is a fundamental part of the Barcelona Green Deal, our city’s economic agenda for the coming years, which stems from dialogue with citizens and economic agents to guarantee us a prosperous and sustainable future, leaving no one behind. A roadmap to revitalize or create new strategic zones of activity, to guarantee a future of recovery that has already begun and that the data shows us that Barcelona is leading strongly. To give just one significant example, during the past year, only the 22@ area attracted more investment in offices than the entire city of Madrid. And all this in a context of crisis, caused by covid-19.

He said Italo Calvin that cities are places of barter, but not only for merchandise, but also for words, desires and memories. Very soon, we will walk through the new 22@ to go to work, find opportunities, enjoy culture or sports or to visit friends and family. In short, live.

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