The files are from 1951; the time is decidedly 2021.

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In today’s time travel adventure, the DeLorean takes us back to December 15, 1951, when criminals were warned under the Montreal Gazette headline “Hounds of Science Will Use Mobile Lab to Track Criminals “.

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A truck-mounted laboratory will be equipped with such things as magnets to extract weapons from the sewers and to carry out a thorough examination of the scene of any major crime. …

The fleeing criminal may think that he has not left a single clue, but the smallest detail that he has overlooked can shed light on his identity. Hair that may have fallen from your head … can be magnified and your growth rings will reveal your approximate age. Analyzing the perspiration of any item of clothing discarded for any reason at the crime scene can reveal acid, showing that it is probably a nervous person. A blood stain will reveal by serological tests not only that it is blood from a human being, but whether it is from a person of blood type I, II, III or IV.

The new medico-legal crime detection car will be equipped with the latest three-way radio and television service.

Fast forward to 2021: Environment Canada forecasts mostly cloudy skies with a maximum of 0 C.

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In the evening: Snow or rain, minimum of -6 C.

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