Montreal International Children’s Film Festival | See the “facets of the world”

The Montreal International Children’s Film Festival (FIFEM) will be in full swing at the Beaubien cinema, from March 2 to 10. During this 27e presentation, families will be able to discover 70 children’s works from around fifteen countries. Five questions to actor Joey Bélanger, 13, president of the children’s jury, who will award three prizes during the festival.

You have been attending FIFEM with your parents for several years now. Did the festival play a role in your desire to become an actor?

By seeing films, I think it gave me a bit of a taste for being an actor. It made me realize that maybe I wanted to do this for a living.

Last year, during FIFEM, you won the Union des artistes performance prize for your role as Charles in Firm coconut. The film also won the Audience Award. This year, you are returning to the festival as president of the children’s jury. How do you feel about having this responsibility?

I’m really proud. I’m really grateful, especially since I’m a regular at FIFEM.

What do you think makes a good children’s film?

I find that for a film to be loved by the public, it must have a good moral and you want to listen to it again. If it’s an action movie, there has to be action. If it’s a comedy, it has to make you laugh. It should make you want to listen to it on repeat.

Are there any films that you are particularly looking forward to seeing at the festival?

I can’t wait to see them all. To see the work of teams from all over the world. It’s still something to see how they make films in other countries and what their style of films is.

Why should families participate in FIFEM?

To see facets of the world. We watch a lot of American TV and films. I think it’s good to encourage young people to watch films from Quebec or other countries, not just from the United States.

Programming Overview

Following the disappearance of his brother, Étienne and his friends try to prove that he was…abducted by aliens. This sums up the intriguing scenario ofEcho in Delta, a Quebec feature film directed by Patrick Boivin. The film will be in official competition alongside works from France, Kyrgyzstan, the Czech Republic and Germany. German youth cinema is also in the spotlight this year at FIFEM with titles like Just Ninaby Karin Heberlei, which addresses transidentity, or The Sunday Rebelsby Marc Rothemund, which explores the world of soccer.

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Who is Joey Bélanger?

  • Aged 13, he plays the role of Jules, the son of Christine Beaulieu’s character, in the show The eye of the storm since 2020.
  • On television, we could also see him in Pet alongside Evelyne Brochu.
  • In the cinema, he played in Firm coconutby Sébastien Gagné.


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