Montpetit’s expulsion from the liberal caucus as ‘totalitarian regimes’

Her father, Marc Montpetit, a longtime liberal member, says his daughter was not told exactly what she was accused of.

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QUEBEC – For the past month, Marc Montpetit has been angry. He says his daughter, Maurice-Richard MNA Marie Montpetit, was unfairly excluded from the liberal group by leader Dominique Anglade.

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The allegations of psychological harassment that led to the expulsion have not led to a formal complaint in the National Assembly, and no investigation has been launched to verify the allegations, the sources say.

A member of the Quebec Liberal Party for 40 years, a member of the party’s political committee and president of the Soulanges riding association, Marc Montpetit went to the liberal convention last weekend to express his outrage, saying his daughter was treated unfairly. without knowing it. exactly what she was accused of and to be able to defend herself.

“In the judicial systems that we have in Canada, we do investigations, we check for complaints. No complaint was filed against Marie. We don’t take it into account, ”he said in an interview.

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“Unfortunately, we behave like totalitarian regimes. We condemn you, we sanction you and we move on to something else. That is not the way we do things in Canada and it is not the way we do things in the Liberal Party. “

“Disappointed and shocked,” Marc Montpetit cut his ties with the party at the end of the convention, but will remain a member so he can vote in the next leadership race, he said with a laugh.

Conversations with various current and former Liberal MNAs over the past few weeks have shown that the decision and the process involving Marie Montpetit divided the party, with some speaking of a public “lynching” and others saying there was no other option.

Anglade, who on Saturday said she had no other choice, has remained coy about what troubling “information” related to Montpetit’s behavior was handed to her.

Sources said the former employees told their stories verbally and there were no written complaints. They said they endured a toxic work environment and were subjected to insults and humiliating statements from Montpetit.

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