Monica, the baker stabbed to death by her abusive boyfriend: her son found her body

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Everyone in the O Birloque neighborhood knew, at least by sight, Monica, the Baker. This Thursday, the establishment woke up with the wall in place, to the surprise of the neighbors. “Closed for reasons beyond the control of the company,” read a sign on the door. The reason for this closure is the murder of Mónica a stabbingpresumably at the hands of his partner. It happened last morning in La Coruña.

Monica Marcos was 52 years old and he ran the El Birloque bakery with his sister and father. The alleged murderer is a 48-year-old man who responds to the acronym of J.G. The man has history of mistreating two previous partnersalthough he had never killed. After the event, his whereabouts are unknown and the police are looking for him.

Monica had two children from a previous relationship, Sheila and Manuel. It was a call from her son that sounded the alarm. The man called 091 around 2 in the morning to alert that he had found his mother lifeless in a room of your home. Monica’s body lay in a pool of blood with a knife next to it.

The event block.  Bottom left, the bakery.

The event block. Bottom left, the bakery.

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The events took place in Mónica’s home, very close to where she had the bakery, at number 5 of the street. Juan Darriba from the Coruña capital. The agents of the provincial brigade of the Judicial Police appeared at the scene of the events and activated a search device to locate the alleged murderer when they understood that there are “indications” that it is a crime of gender violence, as confirmed body sources to Eph. At the moment no arrests.

The victim’s son assured the police that this week the couple had had heated arguments, something confirmed by a neighbor to The voice of Galicia. All the neighbors consulted by the aforementioned newspaper agree in defining Mónica as a cheerful and good-natured woman.

“Great professionals”

The family had run another bakery in other blocks of the neighborhood that have already been demolished. After this, they went on to run the current establishment, which supplied bread and pawns to the bulk of the neighborhood’s bars and restaurants, as the hoteliers have told this newspaper.

The products shipped in this bakery are praised throughout the neighborhood. “I recommend the bread, but especially the empanadas, how delicious”wrote a user on the establishment’s Facebook page. “Great professionals of this Galician crafts, thank you for your products,” commented another. “The empanadas are honorary and the bread tastes like bread, not what is out there now,” says a third.

Now this neighborhood mourns the loss of one of its own. If the macho nature of the crime is confirmed would be the thirty-fifth woman murdered at the hands of your partner or ex-partner so far this year in Spain.

“Firm condemnation”

Inés Rey, the mayor of La Coruña has expressed her “firm condemnation and rejection of this murder” and wishes that “soon the causes can be clarified and the alleged culprit arrested.” The Plaza María Pita has welcomed this Thursday at 1:30 p.m. a minute of silence in memory of Monica, waiting for the Government Delegation to confirm the sexist nature of the event. Likewise, the residents of O Birloque held a rally in rejection of the crime at 8:00 p.m. in front of the victim’s bakery.

If the sexist nature of the murder of the woman stabbed at her home in A Coruña is confirmed, it would be the 35th victim of gender violence this year, the first in Galicia, and it would rise to 1,113 women killed by their partners or ex-partners since January of 2003.

Monica Marcos Piñeiro, 52, She is the thirty-fifth victim of sexist violence in Spain since the beginning of the year. In 2021, they have also been killed Zuita Bouchira, 38 years old; Maria Pilar Berrio Jimenez, of 43; Carmen, 60 years old, Oxana, of 36; Luisa Amelia, 76; a woman in Sabadell, 38; Maria, 46; Africa, 56, Consuelo Martínez, 81; Alicia Rodríguez, 36; Katherine, of 58; Rocío Caíz Pozo, 17; Anna and Olivia Gimeno, aged six and one; Katia Carolina AB, 35; Lucia Dotto Domingues, of 42; Alla Bukanocova, of 48; Nicoleta Clara, 41; María Teresa Aladro, 48; Warda, 28, and her son Mohamed, seven; Betty, 52; Pilar, of 50; Maria Soledad M. P., of 60; Paula M., 36; Jordina MP, 34; María Cruz, 48, and her daughter Isabel, 11; María del Carmen MV, 46; Alicia P., 52; Conchi G., 56; Flora P., 82. The series ‘The lives of the victims’ counted 53 women murdered in 2017, 47 in 2018, 55 in 2019 and 43 in 2020.

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