Mónica Naranjo: “The protagonists of ‘The island of temptations’ come from TV and those of ‘Amor con bail’ do not”

The countdown to the launch of the first season of ‘Love with Bail’ on Netflix has come to an end. The entertainment platform premieres this Thursday its new reality show presented by Monica Naranjo in which six couples will test their confidence in an idyllic setting.

They all claim to have a sincere relationship, but now, they will have to prove it. Throughout the program, the contestants’ lies and truths will be discovered. All will be subjected to the ‘eye detect’, a revolutionary detector that analyzes the involuntary alterations that occur in the eye when lying. Couples will compete for a cash prize of up to € 100,000 knowing that, in Amor con bail, lies have a very high price … Telling the truth, no matter how painful, will earn them money, but, if they lie, the figure will automatically decrease. YOTELE talks to Mónica Naranjo about the premiere of ‘Amor con bail’ on Netflix, among other matters.

You put yourself in front of ‘Amor con fianza’, a reality show for couples but without ‘temptations’, its great difference from other formats of this genre.

Well, let’s see, we have something that seems more wonderful to me, as it is that inside a wonderful villa they put your ex with whom there are still ‘brasitas’. And then we have an ‘eye detect’ that is infallible. Imagine the couple who come in with a lot of questions, doubts and mistrust for a moment in which someone has done something to the other person and they feel that they have not told the truth and have the opportunity to find out. It is wonderful, and there is also a common pot of 100,000 euros in which if you lie it hurts everyone.

Have you tried the ‘eye detect’?

I have gone through it to see if it really fails.

How was the experience? Did you lie to the ‘eye detect’ a lot?

I had a great time. Man, of course I lied. He caught me in all of them. They asked me very good questions, I said ‘well okay, well no’ and the machine said ‘lie’ (laughs). It was fun.

And have the contestants lied a lot?

(Sighs). Some yes, some no.

Are there many lies and are there broken couples?

I can not tell you. Lies in a relationship either distance or strengthen because each couple is different. If my partner has lied to me, depending on how it was, we will have learned the lesson of what the consequences of lying are and strengthen trust and communication. There is everything. If I have learned something over the years, it is that only its two protagonists know the truth of the relationship. Going through an experience like this can either open your eyes or strengthen the bond.

Beyond the format, what other differences have you found with ‘The island of temptations’?

Is different. ‘The island of temptations’ put 10 ‘temptators’ at home. In ‘Amor con bail’, there are also, but the highlight is that they put you without eating or drinking your ex with whom there are still things and that, in addition, your partner throws you a question … It depends on you whether you lied or not. Imagine what a mess.

Would you repeat if there is a second season?

It has enchanted me. It has fascinated me. I liked it a lot because, in the end, it will be a format that can never be the same because it is constantly changing. It’s not like ‘The Island of Temptations’ where it’s always the same. Everything is very prepared right now. On the other hand, a format like this in which things change all the time is very attractive. I am amused by that.

Many people said that you did not want to present these programs after ‘The island of temptations’ …

No. I fell in love with this type of reality show because I am passionate about the world of couples. They gave me a great gift. I didn’t know that I was going to love all this so much. Every time I do this it is a Master.

Do you think there are many prejudices when it comes to watching this type of program? There are many people who see them as something bad without even seeing them.

Do you know what happens? Being able to work on a program like ‘Amor con bail’ with couples who are outside the world of communication, which is not the case of ‘The island of temptations’, in which most of the people come from other programs of the chain, and suddenly they enter a paradise villa and find many cameras is wonderful. It is very authentic because it could happen to all of us. In the end, you can feel reflected in what you can see in a reality show, observing, for example, what goes wrong in a couple. It is an apprenticeship. It is also a master’s degree for those who see it too.

You have said that the participants of ‘Amor con bail’ are “outside the world of communication” …

They are street people who have not been in front of a camera. They have never ever been on a television show.

In addition to releasing ‘Tears of an Angel’ as the first single from ‘Mimétika’ on November 4, you’re going to Mexico shortly, right?

Yes, I’m going on tour in January. I really want to go. I have to go to Mexico at least once a year. I have to go to my people. I miss her so much. There I was born artistically. It is my house and one has to return.

Has it cost you to be reborn after confinement?

No. It is that I have not been standing. The moment they locked us all in, I started composing. Also, weeks before I said that I needed time to think about writing and making new music because I needed it, and exactly what happened happened. In the end, I was able to make a repertoire of 30 songs in which I have only chosen 10. Imagine how that break that there has helped me. In a way, it has been very good for me to be at home with the family, cared for and pampered. It has been a long time since he has been at home that long. It’s ugly to say but, artistically and personally, it has been a blessing.

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In circumstances other than those you have, would you participate in ‘Amor con bail’?

I would get into this one because it has an ‘eye detect’. If you go to a program of this type and you have the opportunity to find out all the doubts that you have about your partner … Imagine that your partner asks you to marry you, you tell him that you have the feeling that he is not telling you the truth in various things and they propose you to enter ‘Love with bail’, and I jump right in. I do not enter for the money, but because I am going to clarify the doubts that I have. I think that that way I get to know my partner better. Both the good and the not so good. We are not perfect, but to have that opportunity … I would.


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