Mónica Naranjo and Ana Obregón, bomb signings of Antena 3 as investigators of ‘Mask Singer’

The third edition of ‘Mask Singer‘ begins to warm up engines on Antena 3, which today revealed two signings on the “investigators” roster, as the program’s jury is known. Mónica Naranjo and Ana Obregón join the talent and they will try to guess who is hiding under the costume together with Javier Ambrossi and Javier Calvo.

Monica Naranjo thus debuts in last season’s revelation contest, while Ana Obregon becomes a permanent researcher after being invited to its second edition. Therefore, they disappear Jose Mota, which had already advanced its departure, as Paz Vega, winner of the first edition and researcher of the second.

While for Monica it will be a new experience in a talent after having been jury of ‘Your face sounds to me’ or ‘OT 2017’, for Obregón it will be the first time that, officially, he sits at that table. The actress thus adds a new professional project after the telepassion this Christmas in La 1 and the Chimes that finally he could not present because of the covid.

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Los Javis are the only ones that remain in this third edition together with Arturo Valls, who will once again be the master of ceremonies. The challenge is to recapture the audience as it did that first edition, which averaged a huge 23.6% audience share and almost three million viewers, managing to exceed this figure in its grand finale, which reached a 25.9% share of the screen.

The second edition, issued a few months after the first, had to settle for a 16.5% and 1,749,000 average viewers. Although his end amounted to 20.6% and 2 million, the talent could not repeat the feat when he was torpedoed by Telecinco’s counterprogramming with ‘Survivors’


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