Monegal’s review: Concerto for typewriter and orchestra

The entertainment ‘show’The challenge‘ (A-3 TV) has offered us this week a recreation of the ‘Concert for typewriter and orchestra’, that very famous musical piece that Leroy Anderson wrote for the Boston Pops in 1950. He has starred in it Mario Vaquerizo with an old Royal Typewriter, typing at full speed.

The grace of this ingenious score is that the sound of the keys, and the return carriage, are transformed not only into one more instrument of the orchestra, but also the typewriter becomes the great solo musical instrument. It should be noted that Vaquerizo has achieved it, and he has paid tribute to the ‘sketch’ that Jerry Lewis He performed on this same musical theme in the film ‘Lío en los GrandesWares’ (1963). He demonstrates this white entertainment ‘show’ ‘The challenge’ that any famous, popular or well-known creature, conveniently floured in a television bakery, can end up being consumed, like a croquette, by enormous couch potato masses.

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Shortly after Vaquerizo, for example, came out Jesulin of Ubrique, and without having any idea of ​​the circus tightrope walker, nor having skills as a mountain climber, he managed to climb a vertical column of seven chairs without falling. oh! TV manages to make entertainment based on the most absolute incompetence, or uselessness. At the beginning of the last century, the French mathematician Émile Borel already warned about it in his ‘Infinite Monkeys Theorem’. He says this clever theory that if we put an infinite number of monkeys typing, for an infinite time, infinite typewriters, at some point one of them might end up writing something meaningful, he might even get ‘The Divine Comedy’ or ‘Madame Bovary’.

‘FAQS’ was invented by Albert Pla

El Palmar de Troya ‘Frequently Asked Questions‘ (TV-3) has celebrated its first 200 programs. The most interesting thing has been knowing the origin of this program. It turns out that it was a proposal by the artist Albert Pla. He told it like this: «I am very close friends with Tian Riba and Pere Mas, and one day I told them ‘Why don’t we do a program where the Catalan pundits are the good ones and the Castilians the bad ones?’ They replied ‘Good idea, good idea’!». And indeed, they started it right away, with enormous devotion, strictly following the sacred principles of Manichaeism.

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