Monegal’s critique: A mayor on his TV armed with a pipe

it sat down Gonzo (La Sexta, ‘Salvados’) with Abel Knight, mayor of Vigo, and after reviewing his glorious acts of enlightenment, concluded that Christmas is not considered inaugurated in the world until the mayor Knight do not turn on the lights. In other words, it was a loving and festive encounter. However, there was a time when Gonzo he became curious, gently yes, and asked the mayor if those appearances of his, repeated, ordinary, on the municipal channel Tele Vigo, specifically as the protagonist of the program ‘Vigo de cerca’, not really a form of use is not. public television for self-propaganda and populism.

Man, I’ve seen this municipal program a few times, through Youtube. Citizens call and ask their mayor for things, and he gets it as much as possible for them. For example: “Anyone who wants a bench to sit on, ask for one!” calls the mayor to his citizenship. And added: “Look at what is happening in A Coruña: the older people do not go out on the streets. If they do not have benches to sit on, they will not go out! ” o! It has merit that it is in conflict with the municipal management of A Coruña as its mayor, Inés Rey, of the same party (PSG).

The secret of these television exercises lies in the filtering of the calls. I put through case, prevent anyone from calling and put the mayor to give birth. But it is true that this program achieves a picture-perfect balance: on the one hand civic attention service and on the other hand dedication of the mayor as the great Wise Man who achieves everything that is asked of him. It is an incorrigible combination. This program also serves to give the Xunta de Galicia he presides over Alberto Nunez Feijoo (PP), that is, the enemy. Gonzo he took a cut from that day then abel knight presented himself with a pipe and said: “This is where the drinking water of the residents of García Barbón Avenue passes. See how it is inside. rusty! Rot! This is a scandal! And the fault lies with the Xunta! ”. o! It was a television battle of unquestionable efficiency.

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I do not know if our admired mayor of Barcelona knows the program of the mayor of Vigo on Tele Vigo. I have to look at it. Now that she’s going through difficult moments, a space in Betevé as the protagonist, an ‘agit plug’ about herself, might help her. ‘Clau Colau’ would be an appropriate title.

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