Monegal’s criticism: You give them a bath and a massage, Pablo, that’s why they come

Magnificent moment the one that has carried out the remarkable sport radiophonist Juanma Castaño in ‘El hormiguero’ (A-3 TV). It has come out, perhaps unintentionally, a scathing and very accurate television analysis. They talked about how much it costs today for soccer players, especially stars, to go to journalists’ programs that don’t give them shit, or flatter them, and ask them questions that are as uncomfortable as they are timely. warned Brown that the clubs themselves also make lists of programs that should not be attended.

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They want their gladiators to only appear in those spaces on TV or radio that guarantee flattery and foam. and pointing to Motorcycles with his finger, he tore Brown saying to him without acrimony, without losing his smile, but with a resounding magnificent clarity: «That’s why they come to your program, Pablo, or Broncano’s. Here you give them a bath and a massage, you applaud them, you take out the little ants, and they leave delighted with life. And of course, where they don’t go is to sports journalism programs where I have to ask Sergio Ramos, for example, why you screwed up the second goal. Ah! What a wonderful x-ray of how the art of the interview has plummeted, before a television genre, today transformed into a jacuzzi.

also quoted Brown the program of David Broncano as a massage parlor. Indeed, I refer to the data. a couple of days ago Belén Esteban returned to ‘La Resistencia’ (#0, Movistar+). It is not the first time he has come. There he finds a wonderful syrup. Gifts were even exchanged. Belen gave to David a portable vagina, a warm and soft marvel of erotic electronics, and said: «Look, I have brought you Broncano. Look, for when you get bored. A vaganina! And you have to put your penis in there! oh! Is all that bad, perverse, or harmful? Well no. What all that is is a marker of where we are headed. The geniuses of TV have found the philosopher’s stone of triumph: a lot of siphon, a lot of soda, a lot of backfiring, a lot of giggling, and no analytics. Much less any approximation to the slightest critical discomfort. From the words of Brown it follows that having ‘anthills’ the stars are no longer paying attention and being accountable to journalism. That also goes for the stars of politics.

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