This tremendous forgetfulness that has shown once again Mariano Rajoy in his appearance in the ‘Kitchen commission’ of the Congress of Deputies, he has given an interesting television game. The most intrigued by the case have been those of ‘El intermedio’ (La Sexta). Worried, they have started to investigate why the brain of Rajoy suddenly enters that loop that psychiatrists and psychologists call hypothimesia, as a result of which he does not even remember Francisco Correa ni de Jose Manuel Villarejo nor from espionage to Luis Barcenas or the destruction of hard drives or anything at all. And they have discovered that in reality what happens to him is a selective forgetfulness.

It only affects you in certain cases. In others, on the other hand, he has an extraordinary memory. For example, they made appearances of him on TV in which he remembered with colossal precision, for example, until the line-up that Pontevedra FC presented in 1966-67. («Fuentes, Martín Esperanza, Neme, Odriozola, Calleja …» recited Rajoy with absolute accuracy) leaving the entire audience in awe. Finally in ‘The Intermission’ they came to the conclusion that what happens to Rajoy With the corruption of the PP, it is the same thing that happened to Superman with the kryptonite: he loses his memory powers in an irremediable way.

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As a sarcastic exercise it has not been bad. Surely someone from the program has read correctly Montesquieu when he said: “There is something superior to memory: the desire to forget.” But in this appearance of Rajoy There has been another moment that those of ‘The Intermission’, strangely, have ignored. Is when Gabriel Rufián, Seeing how the former president ignored everything they asked him and settled into a joyful and comfortable relaxation, he forcefully launched: “We are not in ‘El hormiguero’, Señor Rajoy!” Ah! That moment has an important television significance. That a TV program is cited in parliament as a massage zone for the person being questioned shows that there are politicians who only go to TV to seek comfort and flattery, and what is worse, that there are programs who are submissive to give it to him. The map of programs that serve as hot tubs for politicians is about to be done. Some have specialized in massage to the right. Others on the left. And we, the audience, stunned.

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