Monegal’s criticism: TV-3 is attracted to hacking as a political method

Subjugated by the bloody internal war of the PP, in the Temple of the FAQS (‘Preguntes freqüents’, TV-3) they have moved this week to the accredited ax throwing club Barcelona Ax Throwing. oh! It is a very educational place. They teach you to throw the ax with terrible effectiveness. Five or six meters away there is no bulk that can escape his shot. There the FAQS met with the sociologist and former deputy of the PP Rafa López, today a regular commentator on television talk shows. And caressing the resounding repertoire of axes that were waiting to be launched and destined, they asked him if in his time as a deputy of the PP he had attended many axes between politicians of that party. He answered yes, that he had seen many. It is very ingenious that TV-3 studies the blow of the ax as a basis for the analysis of what happens in the Popular Party. The FAQS should stay longer in that club. Perhaps he would discover that the art of the ax is not exclusive to PP. Anything that involves throwing sharp and lethal material (axe, knife or the fearsome ‘shuriken’ of the ninjas) is very common among members of political formations. If the FAQS had stayed a little longer in that club, they probably would have discovered estimable shooters from ERC, Junts and the CUP training and taking aim. Precisely, and with a great sense of current affairs, Netflix has just launched the eight-episode series ‘Walhalla’, followed by ‘Vikings’. There they tell us about the machinations of King Canute of Denmark to conquer England when it was a heptarchy. And there we see that Canute’s Viking troops, without the axe, would have accomplished nothing at all.

The ax blow is a lethal instrument when practiced in close proximity. It is very effective in the corridors of the party venues. Also inside the television channels, especially the public ones. Rafa López used to say that every creature who aspires to high political office must be prepared in case at any given moment an ax blow could cut his neck. Naturally they are blows coming from their own party mates. In this week’s ‘Polònia’ (TV-3) Pablo Casado has been staged walking without a head. In Catalan politics, and in the chain of Sant Joan Despí, the ax subjugates them. For the Barcelona Ax Throwing club I predict absolute success.

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