Monegal’s criticism: “There is no independence that deserves a dead person”

Now that ten years have passed since the dissolution of ETA, in ‘FAQS’ (TV-3) They have moved to the Txillarre farmhouse, in Elgoibar, to recreate the semi-secret conversations they had there Jesús Eguiguren and Arnaldo Otegi between 2000 and 2006. A dialogue to establish conditions that would pave the way towards the cessation of violence, which did not arrive until 2011.

TV-3 has maintained for a long time, and the ‘FAQS’ in particular, an interest in everything that the world of ETA refers to, which some consider bordering on fascination. I would not dare to do so much, but it is true that we have seen in this temple on Saturdays some incomprehensible invitations, and more incomprehensible treatments, such as the one dedicated in May 2018 to the ETA Josean Fernandez after serving 22 years in prison for the murder of the merchant Rafael vega.

Now, on this occasion, the recreation of the meeting in Txillarre has been something else. It seemed appropriate to me, and given the date of ten years, justified. They have talked a lot about the peace process, and its difficulty, and little about the victims. At some point, some allusion to the torture and repression of the State seemed to be equated with the 864 murders caused by ETA. They are not comparable, but ‘FAQS’ had no interest in warning or pointing it out. Of this recreation I’ll stick with what Jesús Eguiguren said near the end of the meeting: “There is no politics, no country, no independence that deserves a dead person”, a phrase that Otegi added or complemented with this other personal rubric: “Not the unity of Spain”.

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