I continue to think that this program that stages someone’s fear, terror, panic in front of the cameras (‘The fears of…’, Four) is a good idea, but it is poorly executed. This week to which she was president of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, They have told: “We are going to help you overcome your fear of motorcycles.” And they have taken her to a school for ‘motards’, they have put a helmet on her, they have mounted her on a motorcycle, and after much nervousness and babbling she has finally gone around the circuit, by herself, and at the end she exclaimed: “I got it, I’m free!”.

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oh! He has been beautiful, I do not deny it, but it seems to me that they have been mistaken. I have spent years following the political and existential biography of this lady with great interest, and I believe that it is not motorcycles that she is afraid of. It is true that she had a serious motorcycle accident eight years ago. But luckily, she got over it and came out safe and sound. I think that what she must be really terrified of is the Popular Party, in which she held high positions until she ended up crashed in the gutter, without a protective helmet. That blow from the PP’s internal guillotine – including a dubious master’s degree and some beauty creams that she took from Eroski – is what she has not recovered from. So what she should have done in this Cuatro program is take her to the headquarters on Génova Street. Perhaps now, under Feijóo’s command, her terror would subside. Or it would increase more. A Galician proverb says: “Or mute wolf or hair, mais os dentes non.”

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SPEAKING OF ‘CANIS LUPUS’. I have seen an interesting exercise this week on TV-3’s ’30 minuts’. They have crimped two editions. The first talking about the wild boar. The second, of the wolf. Civilization has transformed the wild boar into a sad kind of negligence that rummages through garbage and containers. That’s how it goes: as a wild beast it has packed down enormously. The wolf is something else: it maintains its character and fierceness. He is a real, authentic savage, like in that classic TV documentary, ‘The Mara River Crossing’, where we see crocodiles killing gazelles for food and also killing for pleasure. In ’30 minuts’ they taught us how the wolf leaves the herds: it kills out of hunger and kills for satisfaction. It’s in your DNA. And above all what we see is that the wolf never blends in with the human race. It’s the other way around.

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