Monegal’s criticism: The ‘donuts’ that TVE is losing

Just 48 hours ago the departure of Fran Llorente from TVE. He goes to the Prisa empire, to promote and strengthen his audiovisual area. I wish you, of course, all the luck in the world. But it never ceases to sadden me that the great public television of the State is losing its most talented people. I don’t know if he can afford it, given his current situation. Fran Llorente is a journalist of enormous prestige in TVE. Outside, too. He has earned it hard for more than 30 years of impeccable work.

The last commission that was made to him since the arrival of the new president was the launch of the RTVE Play platform. Apparently the task was not accompanied by the necessary means to make it work well. I consult this platform daily and I can certify that, indeed, it does not work as expected. Broadcast dates disappear, there are programs that are not found, as if they had never existed … Frankly, the previous one was more useful, the so-called RTVE à la carte. The specific case of RTVE Play, and the march of Llorente, It is still a consequence, one more, of the disconcerting drift in which TVE is still installed.

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Just yesterday, at the ‘show’ ‘La noche D’, Dani Rovira he announced that he was dedicating it to “those who have lost the north.” Ah! More timely, impossible. In his monologue he warned “I have typed ‘lose the north’ in Google and it has appeared to me: disoriented, behaving erratically, deviating from the objective”. In other words, what came out to Dani, unintentionally, a perfect TVE X-ray. The most tragic thing happened at the end, when he began to build a column of ‘donuts’, as tall and magnificent as possible. And it turns out that the ‘donuts’ fell, one after another, irretrievably lost. Ah! Tremendous metaphor: the fall of the ‘donut’ like the fall of TVE.

When I speak of ‘fall’ I do not mean the audience only. I mean the soul that must have a public chain. I mean how they have wasted the credit of their news. How they have plunged into the most absolute irrelevance, for example, a mythical program like ‘Weekly Report’. How they recklessly bet on the sappy and cheesy foam. ‘Masterpef’, ‘Lazos de ketchup’ … This is the basis of TVE’s ‘prime time’. Let’s go back to Google. Losing the north: getting disoriented, behaving erratically, straying from the target.

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