Monegal’s criticism: “Now we are our pimps”

It was a shame that ‘Unexpected Encounters’ (La Sexta) had such a weak audience this week. It has been a very interesting meeting. five ladies (Esperanza Aguirre, La Mala Rodríguez, Luz Sánchez Mellado, Carolina Iglesias and Mamen Mendizábal as host) speaking of womanhood. Nudity, transparencies, provocation, feminism, and this new movement that has emerged and is called ‘Erotic Capital’, that is, that women promote their eroticism as their own value. Precisely when Mamen saw that La Mala Rodríguez had chosen a satin jacket with a wonderful neckline as her clothing, she warned: «The world of the neckline, in my profession, fights with credibility», and from there began a vibrant confrontation on the eternal reductionism, that is, «The woman, one of two, is either beautiful, exuberant and has curves, or she is intelligent». In other words, if you’re hot you can’t be smart, and you don’t have a brain. And vice versa.

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oh! It has been a bright encounter. La Mala Rodríguez had interventions of forceful pragmatism. She said: “Before it was others who took advantage of our body, now we are our own pimps”. That note caused quite a stir. And she continued adding: «This –pointing to the body– is merchandise. I like to be at home on the sofa, with my mustache unplucked, with my hair tied up in a bun,… But I have to work!» and asked her colleagues to analyze what is happening: “If you’re not good, you’re not successful”, sentenced. In other words, it is one thing to theorize and another is what really happens when you need to appear in the ‘mass media’. Here’s a shotgun blast at today’s theme music and star making industry: «Before, I didn’t make songs that talked about bullshit. Now I have a few.”

Personally, the program has been short for me. Mamen’s point, saying that the credibility of a news presenter decreases if she appears showing a good cleavage, deserves a more extensive debate. On the masculine gender, for example, they brought up the case of Albert Rivera when he appeared, in 2006, naked on a poster to attract votes. The social perception of male and female nudity seems to be still very different.

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