Monegal’s criticism: Junqueras and Vaquerizo coincide: faith and dogma

The success of a program like ‘unexpected encounters’who just introduced Mamen Mendizábal in La SextaIt will depend on the contrast, the rarity, that you achieve in the selection of characters that are going to sit together at the table. That already proved it 17 years ago Julia Otero with his program ‘Las cherries’ (TVE1). One night in January 2005 –here I told him– he managed to tongue-and-groove on the set, close together, Esperanza Aguirre and Pasqual Maragall. oh! The ‘approche’ became so intense that they ended up holding hands, Pasqual reciting that verse from his grandfather (“A l’hora que el sol pon / bevent al raig de la font…”) and Doña Espe, subjugated , melted at times. Now too mom He has achieved very suggestive moments in his first installment. specifically between Mario Vaquerizo and Oriol Junqueras.

They have formed a surprising ‘duet’. Both have discovered that they have an existential point that links and permeates them: his deep religiosity, his Christian devotion, his enormous and deep-rooted faith. These two apparently so different souls have been identified to such an extent that at one point Mario Vaquerizo, impressed by the ERC leader’s defense of faith over reason, got up and ran to stamp an affectionate kiss on Oriol’s cheek, an image that has been very successful and that everyone talks about. It was very interesting to meet the Junqueras’ intimate conviction about the role of the human being in the Universe. He said, valuing oratory, oral transmission, far above the written word: «The two great founders of Western culture chose never to write anything: Jesus Christ and Socrates» and added «Faith is believing, it is not thinking. It is a different dimension of reason (…) And the dogma is the protection against insecurity!».

oh! What a more analyzable synthesis –especially politically– that Junqueras has given us. That oral influence is far superior to written influence has been shown on TV for a long time. Not thinking is basic, we agree. Embedding image and sound in the brain, at the service of a story, annuls reasoning and increases faith. And the dogma, which is what can never be doubted, and it is forbidden to question it, helps to dispel stammering. oh! Well equipped, paradise awaits us, don’t think twice about it.

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